Friday Apr 10, 2015

COLLABORATE 15: We look forward to seeing and supporting you!

Each year in between Oracle OpenWorlds, partners support our customers at events such as COLLABORATE 15. So we take the OPN Lounge on the road and support our partners supporting our customers.

Similar to prior years, we'll be dropping by your booth to recognize your company's latest OPN accomplishments. This year, in addition to displaying your OPN credentials, we also want to see how you have made the business transformation to the cloud. So get creative in your booths and drop us a line on Twitter using the hashtag #C15LV. We will be highlighting a few of the best displays!

See you Sunday,

The Oracle PartnerNetwork team

Tuesday Apr 07, 2015

Oracle Cloud Marketplace: What are you waiting for?

On all fronts, Oracle’s cloud business continues its rapid growth. In support of this growth, the Oracle Cloud Marketplace (OCM) takes center stage as a key tool for Oracle partners. OCM is a one-stop shop for trusted business applications that leverage the Oracle Cloud platform. The best part? These applications are from actual Oracle partners.

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace offers an easily-searchable interface that not only lists available applications and service offerings, but also provides user ratings and reviews to help customers determine the best products and services for their organization. Oracle Cloud delivers the industry’s broadest suite of enterprise-grade public cloud services, including SaaS, DaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

Today, OCM sees participation from hundreds of Oracle ISVs who contribute applications that extend and integrate with Oracle Cloud SaaS applications. In addition, more than 100 global SIs – including Capgemini and Deloitte – are now driving business growth and cloud success by promoting their Oracle Cloud implementation service offerings. Interested in becoming a developer? Start the process to Become a Developer.

You’ve heard enough from us; now it’s your turn. Discover the difference Oracle Cloud Marketplace can make for your business by reaching thousands of Oracle customers.

Oracle PartnerNetwork

Tuesday Mar 31, 2015

Finance and HR: A Marriage Made in Cloud Heaven

How do you open a conversation with a CFO about finance and human resources?

The best Oracle partners know that a sales pitch is the absolute wrong place to start. C-suite executives don’t care about your product. They care about their business, and what you can do to help them. Your job is to uncover what their challenges are, and then recommend ways to overcome those challenges.

In our conversations with CFOs, we’ve uncovered a number of business issues that are common across industries and geographies. Today, we’re going to talk about one of those issues—finding and retaining the best finance talent—and give you some tools to help position you as a trusted advisor on the subject.

Today’s finance leaders recognize that talent is a company’s most valuable asset. It must be managed with as much (or more) care and cost alignment as any other asset. This creates an excellent opportunity for you to position Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud and Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud together. But before you start talking product, you need to uncover your prospect’s challenges around finance and HR.

A great way to open this conversation is to ask about talent within your client’s finance organization. Over the past several years, the role of the CFO has evolved from someone who keeps the books, to a more visionary and advisory role. Modern CFOs provide the essential reports, insight, and information needed to drive strategy around the boardroom table. This requires a new skill set—much different from the traditional accounting role.

Start by asking the CFO a number of questions relating to the talent on his/her own team:

  • How is the role of finance officer changing?
  • What sort of skills do finance professionals need today?
  • How do you attract and retain the best talent?
  • Do you have the right technology in place to keep your best and brightest engaged and intellectually challenged?
Wall Street Journal Custom Studios recently issued a report that addresses the above questions. Winning the War for Finance Talent: Game Plan for the Digital Age provides six recommendations on how finance leaders can improve bench strength within their own organizations.

There are a number of ways that you can use this report to garner CFO attention:
With the research and recommendations in this report, you can begin a meaningful conversation with CFOs about an issue that is a top priority for many of them, thus putting you in a position to offer technology solutions for the challenges they face.

Happy selling!
Dee Houchen

Dee Houchen is senior principal product marketing director for Oracle ERP Cloud

Wednesday Mar 25, 2015

Learn how Java Meets the Challenges of the Connected Vehicle – April 15

In today’s world of connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT), automobile drivers expect advanced support from their cars, including internet connectivity, intelligent navigation, automated service scheduling, passenger entertainment & more. This requires secure application communication and management, with support for live updates to existing and new services over time. Just take a look at the image below if you don't believe us.

Oracle Java Embedded is engineered and optimized to meet these challenges and unlock the business value of the connected vehicle and the IoT.

Join us on Wednesday, April 15 for a live webcast to learn more about this topic. Oracle’s Terrence Barr, Senior Principal Product Manager along with MicroDoc will explain how Java can be used to meet the need for communication, flexibility, security and modularity. Register today!

Your AlwaysOn OPN Comms team

Wednesday Mar 18, 2015

The Power of Sustainability: Are You Being Recognized?

Leading businesses recognize that environmental responsibility is good business, and that well-structured environmental practices deliver bottom line benefits to people, planet and profits. Providing practical, concrete solutions that help customers with their sustainability initiatives should be part of any technology company’s undertaking.