Wednesday Jun 22, 2016

Cloudy with a Chance of Business Growth: Oracle PartnerNetwork Global Partner Kickoff FY17

At the live, virtual Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Global Partner Kickoff event, top Oracle executives – including Thomas Kurian and Dave Donatelli – outlined Oracle’s product strategy for Fiscal Year 2017 and how partners can continue to leverage Oracle enablement programs and technology to deliver strong business growth and a stellar experience to customers in the new fiscal year.

Hot on the agenda to achieve this goal….the cloud.

Cloud represents one of the faster growing areas across Oracle’s more than 25,000 partners.  In Q4 alone, Oracle’s SaaS and PaaS revenue rose 68 percent and is expected to grow even more in future quarters. Last year, thousands of ISVs took advantage of Oracle’s no-cost Cloud PaaS special offer, leveraging services including Oracle Database Cloud Services and Java Cloud Services. Today, more than 1,000 unique partner applications are available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, which receives thousands of visitors each day.

Making it easier for partners to quickly register and publish their Oracle Cloud-compatible applications on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and fast-track new business opportunities in the cloud, OPN this
Oracle Cloud Platform Readyweek unveiled the Oracle Cloud Platform Ready for ISVs. Any partner application that supports an Oracle Cloud compatible operating system or technology product can run on Oracle Cloud without the need for rewrite, and at no additional cost. To speed time-to-market, partners can quickly request access to Oracle Cloud Specialists and other technical resources directly from the Oracle Cloud Platform Ready registration. Partners can learn more about the program here.

Throughout the event, OPN leaders announced a number of new OPN cloud enablement programs and resources, including infrastructure and technology opportunities, enhancements to the Oracle Partner Store and new certifications and Sales Academy trainings available.

Like every year, the Global OPN Partner Kickoff event is a great opportunity to hear directly from key Oracle sales and product executives, learn how to accelerate revenue through Oracle’s full-stack offerings, and ensure your business aligns with Oracle’s direction for FY17. If you weren't able to join us live, access the following  replays under the Regional Resources section:

Look forward to a great FY17!

The Oracle PartnerNetwork Team

Tuesday Jun 14, 2016

More Oracle Excellence Awards for 2016

Oracle Excellence Awards recognize those partners that are committed to delivering outstanding innovative solutions and business achievements. Nominations for both the 2016 Oracle Excellence Awards for ISVs and the Oracle Excellence Award - Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Cloud Program Solution Awards are now accepting nominations. See details below to learn more:

Oracle Excellence Awards 2016 – Nominations Now Open for ISVs

The nomination process is open now through Friday, June 17 for two ISV-specific Oracle Excellence Awards:

The Oracle Cloud ISV Partner of the Year award recognizes partners listed on Oracle Cloud Marketplace that have developed solutions that run on Oracle Cloud, while the Oracle Exastack ISV Partner of the Year award features Oracle Exastack Optimized partners that have delivered innovative solutions on Oracle Engineered Systems. Regional and global award winners will each receive a free pass to Oracle OpenWorld 2016. For nomination criteria and other information, visit the Oracle Excellence Awards website.

Oracle Excellence Awards 2016 - OPN Cloud Program Solution Awards

The OPN Cloud Program Solution Awards nomination process is also now open through Wednesday, July 20, 2016. Eligible partners must be in good standing as part of the OPN Cloud Program and at Cloud Select partner or higher.  The OPN Cloud Program Solution awards are designed to recognize OPN Cloud Program partners that are delivering innovative Oracle Cloud go-to-market solutions and business achievements, developed or delivered in Oracle Fiscal Year 2016. 

For additional nomination criteria and to learn more about the award, please visit the Oracle Excellence Awards site.

Good Luck,

Oracle PartnerNetwork Team

Thursday Jun 09, 2016

Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things

There are millions and millions of connected devices, from smart vehicles to smart meters, generating an increasing amount of data. This worldwide network of connected devices is the Internet of Things (IoT). In a nut-shell, IoT is the name given to technology that enables the connection of both people and machines to the Internet. 

Connecting devices is not some new phenomenon.  Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace and many other industries have been doing it for quite some time.  However, many of these connections are:

  • Proprietary and silo’ d. They have discrete pairings of devices to enterprise applications and for specific use cases. There are no scalable means to add new use cases or devices. Changes at one end has dependencies at the other.
  • Also, they often have one-way data flow without direct connection into IT data centers. For example, manufacturing systems on the factory floor, which are not connected to the enterprise systems.  

Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service takes care of these limitations by providing a managed Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud-based offering that can help you make critical business decisions and strategies by allowing you to connect your devices to the cloud, analyze data from those devices in real time, and integrate your data with enterprise applications and various web services.

Oracle IoT Service

With decreasing costs of technology, increasing availability of connectivity and shifts in market expectations, there has been a dramatic explosion in a number of things connecting – and it is set to be tens of billions in the next 5 years. As more and more devices are connected, the key questions become:

  • What should you do with the data these devices generate and how can that data drive new value?
  • How do you add real-time analysis of the data to the existing capabilities of analyzing data at rest?
  • How do you ensure the right data gets to the right enterprise applications at the right time and how do you send direction and control back to these devices?

Oracle IoT Cloud Service provides answers to all these key questions through 3 broad ranges of value propositions:

  • First is about connecting the devices. IoT is all about connecting things or devices. We have virtualized every device to an endpoint. This enables all other entities in the IoT ecosystem to collect data from these devices or control these devices without caring about the complexity of underlying device types, networks, protocols, or topologies.
  • Second, once you have the data from the devices, you have to analyze the data and that involves both analysis in real-time as well as the batch analytics. We have built real-time analysis capabilities into the service and also the product can easily integrate with various Analytics cloud services.
  • Third, you want to take the data or composite events that can be created using Oracle IoT Cloud Service to business processes and enterprise applications. This can be enabled  through some out of the box integrations or through a growing list of connectors. Also, through these integrations, you can remotely manage these devices by sending control back to devices.

How Partners Should Use Oracle IoT Cloud Service

There are many use cases for IoT ranging from the novelty which can help you feed your cat while away on business to the life critical use for remote patient monitoring. Each case generates its own value. The two use cases highlighted below are ones Oracle partners could consider for their customers right away.

I. Monitor & Maintain
There is a need to understand how a product is performing, to optimize its use and better anticipate issues and failures.  Reactive maintenance is critical but is very expensive for both customers and service providers. It also raises issues of customer satisfaction.  Active monitoring to drive preventative or even proactive maintenance can help get one ahead. Keeping an asset running and when an issue does happen - minimizing the time and steps required to get the asset back up and running is of great value.

Also this can help product development better understand how the product is performing - where are the issues, that can be fixed in the next release or where are the opportunities to innovate and add new value?

II. Asset tracking.
The most obvious use here is Track and Trace. Knowing where my shipment (truck, train, container) is and whether my goods will arrive in time and in condition for use or market. Think of frozen goods, milk, ice cream, strawberries or any perishable item for that matter.

It also includes a rapidly emerging segment of usage based models supporting the shift from CAPEX to OPEX based models. For example: Car Rental, Usage Based Insurance or Insurance for young drivers, shared ownership schemes and car clubs for private vehicles, tires for commercial vehicles. etc.


Oracle IoT Cloud Service provides a Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud-based offering.  It helps you collect data form intelligent devices by removing abstract complexity associated with the device connectivity by standardizing integration of devices with enterprise. It can analyze the data collected from intelligent devices and can reduce the noise and detect business events in real time and enable historical big-data analytics. It makes enterprise processes IoT friendly to allow enterprise and mobile application to control devices to make critical business decisions and strategies.

Learn more at:

Nalin Sardana
Senior Manager
Oracle Global Partner Enablement (Cloud Security Services)

Thursday Jun 02, 2016

FY17 Oracle PartnerNetwork Kickoff

So much starts happening over the summer months. For some – summer is synonymous with swimming, camping, ice cream, the beach, or a good ole game of baseball. 

At Oracle, we are getting ready to play ball and kickoff not only summer – but our new FY17 fiscal year.  We invite you to join us for the FY17 Oracle PartnerNetwork Kickoff.  We’ve got a strong line up ready and some great opportunities to pitch your way. So, grab your favorite munchies or grill up some grub and tune in to hear the play by play.

It’s Going To Be A Grand Slam!
First up, you’ll hear from your region’s Oracle Alliances & Channels sales leader. They’ll get the game started by sharing a year in review; local partner wins and regional business plans for FY17.  Oracle’s Executive team will be on-deck to advance the runners and provide insight on Oracle’s FY2017 business strategy; cloud transformation updates; go-to-market approaches and product highlights.