Thursday Jan 22, 2015

Top Five IoT Predictions for 2015 – Part I

You can seldom open a news website or newspaper today without seeing some mention of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). According to Gartner, “4.9 billion connected things will be in use in 2015, up 30 percent from 2014, and will reach 25 billion by 2020.” From our refrigerators to our vehicles, soon everything will be interconnected and sharing data that will change the way we live and work. But with the promise of massive digital transformation through IoT comes the potential for logistical and security nightmares.

In this two part Q&A, Oracle's Scott Armour discusses the obstacles and opportunities he predicts for IoT in the coming year. Armour is Group Vice President at Oracle, responsible for global Java and IoT go-to-market strategy.

Q. Scott, IoT is further fueling the creation of data that the industry will eventually have to manage. What are the challenges here for the IoT industry?

A. I think the key word here is “manage”. Yes, IoT in almost every form can generate a tremendous amount of data. The question is, how important is that data? Is the data basic or critical? Does it require immediate action? Is it personal or private and therefore must be treated more securely. No matter the case, Oracle believes that when the edge is more intelligent, the overall system is better able to manage the flood of data and convert it into a stream of valued intelligence – on everything from operations to customer interactions. Part of addressing that flood of data is to ensure it is categorized or labeled clearly and consistently. Standards exist for labeling data in flexible ways, but one issue that will plague IoT is that the industry is lacking agreed-upon standards needed to share data between different endpoints.

Oracle believes it can help address these problems by extending proven enterprise class solutions to devices, enabling simpler design and development, robust scalability, and data integration for IoT solutions. Oracle is investing in an IoT architecture that enables devices to participate in a business-driven decision making process which helps companies learn faster and react sooner – and which helps manage the vast amount of data coming into the enterprise.

Q. Which industry verticals will lead the way in deploying IoT applications? 

A. It won’t surprise you to find that those industries and verticals that can realize the largest immediate value from edge data and analytics are pushing the hardest to adopt IoT models. Certainly there is a lot of activity in the consumer space around fitness/wearables and home monitoring. Oracle is also beginning to see a lot of IoT interest in industries like Telematics, Healthcare, Industrial Automation and Building Automation.

For example, Healthcare has been working on IoT-like solutions for some time to better manage their equipment in hospitals, but an important trend is moving patients out of hospitals sooner to recover more effectively at home. These patients must have a reliable, secure, and flexible home monitoring system that can extend a hospital’s care and oversight to the home during the recovery period. Remote systems must be provisioned with the patient’s status and key set points requiring  alerts to be identified and processed quickly and reliably. The cost savings for this approach are tremendous for hospitals and patients alike creating intense demand for these solutions. Oracle is working with major care providers and device manufacturers to design solutions that care providers can use to connect to home health hubs and assorted medical equipment.

The Industrial Automation and Building Automation sectors have been implementing machine-to-machine (M2M) systems for many years now. IoT offers the ability to unlock the value of data that often never leaves the control systems for a factory pod or a building wing. Unlocking and sharing that data enables equipment users to apply predictive analytics to potential failures and to optimize operations across a much broader set of equipment than ever before. Managing failures is critical for industries as line stoppages due to equipment failure are extremely expensive and often dangerous. As in the above cases, Oracle is working with major equipment providers to use Java’s inherent communication features and a rich set of functionality to better share data and anticipate problems.

Stay tuned for the second installment of Scott’s Q&A, which will outline the effects of IoT on customers, how Oracle can address the concerns of IoT and the use of intelligent devices in various verticals.

Oracle PartnerNetwork

Tuesday Jan 20, 2015

Recognizing top achievements: Oracle Advanced Reseller

When the top sports teams play, we watch. When renowned scientists make new discoveries, we listen. When Oracle resellers drive revenue and align their business with Oracle’s strategic imperatives, we pay attention.

In all regions except for the U.S., Canada and Japan, Oracle recently launched the Oracle Advanced Reseller program designed to recognize and reward these top resellers. Oracle Advanced Resellers have proven local expertise, meeting stringent criteria that are valued by customers and recognized by Oracle. These strategic OPN members can leverage a new Oracle Advanced Reseller logo. Additionally, they receive priority access to benefits, including local business engagement, access to demonstration environments and equipment, visibility both within Oracle and externally through the Solutions Catalog, and eligibility to participate in a number of local and global reseller programs.

Top performers deserve recognition for their efforts. OPN members that resell multiple products and meet the rigorous Oracle Advanced Reseller requirements are encouraged to apply for this distinctive designation.

For more information, review the Oracle Advanced Reseller Overview or go to > Partner with Oracle > Get Started > Get Differentiated > Advanced Reseller.

Get out there and get acknowledged!

Oracle PartnerNetwork

Wednesday Jan 14, 2015

The 2015 Oracle JD Edwards Summit is Around the Corner!

Howdy, partners! The new year is here – which means that the 2015 Oracle JD Edwards Summit is right around the corner. The 6th annual Summit will take place on February 2-5, 2015 in Broomfield, Colorado at the Omni Interlocken Resort. Make sure you register today, as online registration closes on Thursday, January 22.  

  • Breakout Session Topics: We are excited to offer 100+ (yes, that’s right – more than 100!) breakout topics this year. Sessions are grouped into one of six tracks, including Sales, Presales, Implementing, Technology, Applications and Sponsor sessions. 
  • Friday Workshops: Take advantage of an optional workshop on Friday, February 6, offered in conjunction with the Summit at no additional cost to you. Topics include the Internet of Things, mobile extensibility, and business intelligence. Click here to read more and register. 
  • Awards: Do you have a JD Edwards customer success story you’d like to share? Submit a story to be considered for an award from John Schiff at the Summit. 
  • Superbowl Sunday: Arriving early? Swing by the Omni Hotel’s Tap Room bar on Sunday, February 1 to watch the Superbowl football game (and the commercials, of course!) with Oracle and other Summit attendees. Kickoff is at 4:30 pm MT. 
  • Winter in Colorado: There’s no shortage of fun to be had in beautiful, colorful Colorado – especially in the midst of prime ski season! You’ll surely be making plans to extend your trip after checking out the Colorado tourism website

The theme of this year’s Summit is “A Winning Hand.” The jam packed line-up includes keynotes from Oracle executives, super sessions and breakout sessions, a sponsor showcase, and multiple opportunities to network with fellow JD Edwards partners and the Oracle team – including evening entertainment functions every night.

You can visit the official Summit website to learn more about the agenda, lodging options, event logistics, and more. But in the meantime, here are some event highlights and updates to get you warmed up:

So, interested yet in attending? Registration is open to all current OPN JD Edwards business partners, and to the internal Oracle JD Edwards Sales and Consulting community. This is a must attend event for everyone involved in the JD Edwards realm – whether you are new or a seasoned pro; an executive or account exec; or in presales, consulting, implementation, or selling – you won’t want to miss out.

We hope you’ll join us at the 2015 Oracle JD Edwards Summit this year. And remember to get those registrations in before Thursday, January 22. 

See you in Colorado,

The Oracle PartnerNetwork Events Team


Wednesday Jan 07, 2015

What’s On Tap in 2015

Happy New Year, partners! We hope that you all enjoyed a relaxing holiday season and are having a great start to 2015.

One of my favorite traditions every January is to buy a brand new oversized wall calendar. (Side note: am I the only one left that hasn’t converted to a mobile or online calendar?) It always amazes me how quickly those little blank squares transform into a mess of upcoming plans, events, trips, and reminders that will chart the course of my next 12 months. 

So before your 2015 calendars fill up, make sure to save the date for these key upcoming Oracle and OPN events. Take advantage of sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities, gain some new training, or encourage your customers to attend.  

  • Oracle CloudWorld – This event explores what the cloud can do to modernize and transform business. With locations scheduled around the world, find an upcoming event near you to sponsor. If you’ll be at the New York event on January 13, register to attend an exclusive partner roundtable to discover options for partnering with Oracle in the Cloud.

  • Oracle Value Chain Summit – In San Jose, CA on January 26-28, 2015, Oracle embarks on this year’s theme of “Enabling Agents of Change” in supply chain management. Customers can choose from more than 150 sessions across seven tracks for deep dives into every aspect of the industry.  There’s still time to become a sponsor!

  • Oracle JD Edwards Summit – If you’re a JD Edwards OPN member, you won’t want to miss the 6th annual partner summit in Broomfield, CO on February 2-5, 2015.  You’ll hear from Oracle executives, pick from 100+ breakout sessions, interact with sponsors, and enjoy multiple networking activities – all in beautiful Colorado.

  • Oracle HCM World – Check out the sponsor and exhibitor opportunities at Oracle’s signature HR event, which brings human resources, talent management, and business leaders together in Washington, DC on March 25-27, 2015.

  • Oracle CX Cloud Conferences – Become an exhibitor or sponsor at the CX Cloud Conference in Las Vegas, NV on March 31 – April 2, 2015. This event features four different experiences that focus on Modern Sales, Modern Service, Modern Commerce, and Modern Marketing.

  • Collaborate15 – Ensure you have a presence at Collaborate15 on April 12-16, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV this year. This educational conference is hosted by three of Oracle’s biggest and most influential user groups, and offers an expert blend of customer-to-customer interaction along with insights from technology visionaries and Oracle strategists. 

  • Oracle Open World – It’s never too early to save the date for Oracle’s capstone event! We hope you’ll join us in San Francisco on October 25-29, 2015.

We hope you’re ready to gear up for a year filled with exciting events on tap! And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out for a full list of upcoming Oracle offerings this year. We hope to see you in person soon, and cheers to a prosperous 2015! 

The Oracle PartnerNetwork Events Team

Tuesday Dec 23, 2014

What are your plans to increase profit in 2015?

Digital disruption is a part of business nowadays. Take for example what email did to the printing press and postal service; what iTunes did to the record industry; what the digital camera did to Kodak. You get the idea. So what exactly is disruption? It is often defined as the change that happens when new technologies or business models affect the value proposition of existing goods and services.

Value is what digital disruption impacts. And this value comes in all shapes and sizes: better; easier; smarter; bigger; smaller; cheaper. You name it. New companies built on these models are both challenging and threatening even the most well-established of industries, and the companies that aren’t responsive may soon be gone.

So as you ask yourself not, “should we play in digital,” but rather, “WHERE will we play in digital,” keep in mind that every company today has the chance to win in digital business. Transformations can be tricky, though. Many organizations are still struggling to develop an enterprise IT strategy – let alone a digital strategy.

As your company and your customers work towards a digital transformation, keep in mind you want a platform – economically and operationally – that spans big data, cloud, mobile, social, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Access to big data will allow you to keep tabs on customers and market trends; a complete cloud will lay a solid foundation for efficiency and business agility; IoT is the next frontier that will drive unprecedented levels of automated decision-making; and the need for mobile and social goes without saying. These five increasingly intertwined technologies are having a dramatic impact on enterprise IT, and the biggest challenge is integrating these five forces together.

That’s where Oracle comes in.

At Oracle, we build and design our technology so it works together from the start. With our broad, integrated IT portfolio, we have a unique ability to offer customers a complete hardware and software stack—from cloud applications through middleware and databases, and all the way down to servers and storage. We offer all of this on-premises or in the cloud. Each layer has been engineered to work together, which allows customers to optimize performance and build greater reliability and security than they would by employing multiple vendors. The advantage of an integrated stack is that it helps you simplify your IT. Oracle takes a big chunk of the integration and routine maintenance off your hands, so that you can invest more of your resources into innovation and growth. 

Oracle has many customers who are already digital disruptors. One of our finance customers is shaking up digital banking processes by leveraging Oracle software and systems for their mobile payment infrastructure so users can make payments via mobile phones using only a phone number. One of Oracle’s healthcare customers is pioneering a digital medicine initiative through wearable skin sensors that monitor vitals so that patients can receive precise and near real-time information regarding their health.

No matter where your customers are located and what industry they’re in, you can help them re-imagine their business, focus on their growth and drive innovation. And with software and hardware engineered to work together, they can shave months, or even years, off their integration timelines. Simplified IT can help them get there; Oracle can help you get them there.

So, how will you increase revenue in 2015?

Happy holidays and best wishes in the New Year,
The OPN Communications team

Thursday Dec 18, 2014

Oracle Exastack Program announces Virtual Compute Appliance Ready

Oracle's Virtual Compute Appliance radically simplifies the way customers install, deploy, and manage converged infrastructures for any Linux, Oracle Solaris, or Microsoft Windows application. The Virtual Compute Appliance is a turnkey solution for cloud infrastructure, supporting Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) deployments.

With this announcement, Oracle partners with a Virtual Compute Appliance Ready application can now leverage the Exastack Program benefits. Partners will also be able to receive incremental rebates for selling Oracle's Virtual Compute Appliance through the OPN Incentive program.

For more information:

•    Watch the video and hear Senior VP Wim Coekaerst explain the benefits for ISVs;
•    Watch this brief product flash demo for more details on the product;
•    For product data sheet, FAQ and customer success, visit the Oracle Exastack Ready reference page and

Get out there and get visible!

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Wednesday Dec 17, 2014

WEBINAR: Oracle Public Cloud: Platform-as-a-Service – January 14

With the recent launch of Oracle Cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings, Oracle now enables ISVs to rapidly deploy and scale their applications in the public cloud, leveraging a comprehensive portfolio of platform services.

On January 14, you’re invited to register for an exclusive webinar hosted by Oracle Cloud strategy experts on how Oracle is delivering new, differentiated platform services, as well as related opportunities, resources and commercial models for ISVs.

Discussion topics will include an overview of Oracle Cloud PaaS and how it’s different from other cloud offerings; ISV use cases for Oracle Cloud PaaS; and programs, resources and commercial models for Oracle partners.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how you can readily leverage new Oracle Cloud PaaS offerings to deploy your application in the cloud and deliver more value to your customers. You’ll also discover how to leverage Oracle Cloud Marketplace to further promote your application and effectively expand your reach to a growing number of Oracle customers and prospects.

Discover what makes the Oracle Cloud different from other public cloud offerings. Join us next month.

Your OPN Comms team