Tuesday Nov 19, 2013

It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's the OPN Survey!

Have you taken any time today to be a hero?

If you have—tell us about it! How did you show off your superpowers? Tweet us @OraclePartners using #hero.

If you haven't, that's okay too. Be our heroes by taking the Oracle PartnerNetwork Survey.

At the beginning of November, Oracle Alliances and Channels launched the Annual OPN Survey. We sent invitations to spend a quick 30 minutes giving us feedback on the services we offer – from enablement and communication to the OPN website and Solutions Catalog.

In response to the feedback you shared last year, we've enhanced the OPN website and online experience. We have revamped the entire Solutions Catalog and are continuing to enrich the OPN systems experience.

Your input matters.

We want to keep improving our programs—ultimately to improve your business. So let us know how we can be the strongest, fastest, bravest, highest-flying partner program in your world, and do it by December 14, 2013.

If you didn't receive an invitation and want to contribute, drop us a line at OPN-Survey_ww@oracle.com. You can send feedback directly or we'll send you a survey invite.

Thanks in advance, heroes!

The OPN Communications Team

Wednesday Nov 13, 2013

No Push-ups. No Sit-ups. Just Specializations.

All right, recruits—drop and give us 60!

No, but seriously. Give us 60 seconds of your reading attention. Learn how Oracle’s Enablement 2.0 Boot Camps can fire up your organization’s training on Oracle solutions and services.

Boot Camps can give you a major advantage over the competition as you build, deploy and service IT platforms. They’re a great opportunity to earn Specialist certifications and build your technical implementation skills. Plus, they’re one of the top benefits available exclusively to Oracle partners.

Boot Camps give you a chance to discuss product positioning and boost your ability to offer integrated Oracle solutions and services to your customers. In-person courses combine classroom lectures, hands-on labs and case studies. For partners on the move, live virtual courses are a good option too.

To learn more, browse the Boot Camp schedule. There are still more than 50 courses available in 2013—and hundreds more in the New Year. Some of the hot topics coming up include:

I don’t know but I’ve been told… OPN is good as gold.

Over and out,

OPN Comms

Friday Nov 08, 2013

Mark Hurd Believes HR is the Next Major Revenue Driver: Read His Latest LinkedIn Influencer Blog

“Most CEOs realize they need to make some dramatic changes in how they recruit people, align and manage performance, make compensation decisions, and optimize talent,” Oracle President Mark Hurd writes.

The key issue, he explains, is that many CEOs aren’t equipping their HR teams with the tools and resources they need to unlock employees’ full value. This oversight is keeping HR organizations walled off from revenue generation and customer engagements—two chief sources of value for a company.

So what is a CEO to do, given tightening budgets, a sluggish economy and a rapidly changing workforce?

Hurd’s answer: invest in a modern Human Capital Management (HCM) system—one equipped with built-in intelligence and predictive analytics capabilities.

To find out more about how to deliver effective HCM transformations, read Mark Hurd’s full article, “How CEOs Can Transform HR into a Revenue Driver” and visit the Oracle HCM Cloud Service site.

We also encourage you to log into your LinkedIn account and “Follow” Mark to receive future posts. Share the link to his blog with your networks via Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels. You can also “Like” the post on Oracle’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages, and/or retweet via @Oracle.

Wednesday Nov 06, 2013

IDC Analyst Report Touts Oracle–Accenture Strategic Initiative

Hi there, partners!

Oracle Engineered Systems have been getting some love lately, and we want to share it with you!

The market intelligence and advisory firm IDC recently released a report lauding Oracle and Accenture’s strategic initiative to route the performance and flexibility of Oracle Engineered Systems to clients.

The report, "Oracle and Accenture Strategic Alliance Places Big Bet on Engineered Systems,” by Steve White, reflects a largely positive analysis of the relationship. White notes that the alliance is “one of the largest in the industry.”

Under the relationship, Accenture has incorporated Oracle Engineered Systems—including Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle SuperCluster, and Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine—into its leading datacenter transformation consulting services.

Together, the two companies have also created bespoke platforms, such as the Accenture Foundation Platform for Oracle, which helps clients accelerate deployments on Oracle Fusion Middleware, running Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

Oracle Engineered Systems deliver a single, engineered platform—including server to storage and networking. This makes it easier and cheaper for Accenture clients around the world to prepare their datacenters for managing, processing and analyzing the massive amounts of data they (rightly) anticipate seeing in the next decade.

The new solutions can help reduce the effort and cost to migrate any vendor database to an Oracle Engineered Systems platform, which can lower the cost of ownership by up to 50 percent.

For its part, Accenture has built a team of 300 consultants to implement and increase the flexibility and stability of client datacenters. This move further expands one of the fastest-growing full-service Oracle Enterprise solutions. Over 52,000 Accenture consultants are qualified to implement, upgrade and outsource the Oracle product suite. Accenture is a Diamond-level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

For Oracle Partners, this update should give you at least two things to walk away with.

First, this initiative is showing signs of success. As Marty Cole, group chief executive for Accenture’s Technology growth platform, put it, “We are seeing an increasing number of clients recognizing the value of consolidating their databases and taking advantage of the cost and performance benefits delivered by these solutions.”

The pipeline is there—and not just for Accenture. Use this example to show your clients that investments in Oracle Engineered Systems are on the rise.

Second, recognize that Oracle Engineered Systems represent one of the biggest platforms for growth that Oracle has to offer partners. As part of the agreement, Accenture is able to provide:

  • Platform Readiness Assessments
  • Platform Implementation
  • App Rationalization
  • Database Rationalization
  • Managed Services

These are all enablement opportunities you can offer customers under Oracle’s partner programs —to continue building the value of their investments, and the value of your relationship with Oracle.

Take a read through the IDC report. To learn more about the partnership, see this press release.

Happy selling!

The OPN Communications Team

Friday Nov 01, 2013

A Modern Marketing Marvel: Eloqua Experience 2013

Hey there, partners—

You’d be hard pressed to find a more convincing example of modern marketing than the one that descended upon San Francisco last week.

We’re talking about Eloqua Experience 2013, of course.

It is remarkable that a marketing technology conference has become a case study in successful 21st-century marketing practices. Eloqua Experience 2013 (#EE13) was all about customer-focused, targeted messaging, multichannel content, analytics and real-time multiscreen engagement. It made for a busy, yet interactive experience for over 2,000 eager attendees.

This year’s event brought together some of the world’s most innovative marketers for three days of immersive sessions covering marketing best practices, customer stories and deep-dive technical classes.

With 70 breakout sessions, product announcements, and a special conversation with Vince Gilligan, creator and executive producer of “Breaking Bad,” #EE13 brought a lot of critical marketing news to light. Oracle’s goal: to make sure our partners stay updated.

As you know, Eloqua joined Oracle in late 2012, further rounding out our Customer Experience applications platform. Eloqua is a marketing automation solution and marketing cloud centerpiece that partners can use to target the right buyers, easily execute campaigns, bring leads to sales and bring in high ROIs.

The resources below will help you stay on top of the industry’s best practices for marketing, plus all the advantages Eloqua can bring to partners.

Partner Opportunities and Strategy with Eloqua
The latest Eloqua partner strategy.

Interview with Oracle Eloqua GM Kevin Akeroyd on Eloqua Experience
A short recap of 2013’s Experience.

Eloqua Product Announcements
John Stetic, VP of Products for Oracle Eloqua, highlights the top product news, including a new profiler app and the ability to integrate display advertising into multichannel campaigns.

Eloqua Experience Highlight Reel
See what all the bustle was about.

Eloqua Experience Session Overviews
A quick look at what the keynote and breakout sessions covered, with links to session content.

Modern Marketing Essentials Library
Tips, blueprints, and strategies for success based on the 5 Tenets of Modern Marketing.

Over and out,

Your OPN Marketing Allies

Friday Oct 25, 2013

OPN Exchange Keynote On-Demand

We hope everyone has had a chance to refresh and recharge after Oracle OpenWorld 2013. In case you didn’t have the opportunity to catch the full OPN Exchange keynote, we have it on demand for your viewing pleasure.

A highlight reel is up on the OPN YouTube channel and on Oracle.com.

You can also watch individual keynote segments, from Oracle Executives like Mark Hurd, John Fowler and Andy Bailey, highlighted below. So please, sit back, relax and enjoy the show! You know, in case your football team is on a bye this week.

Mark Hurd, President, Oracle
Executive Address

John Fowler, Executive Vice President, Systems
Hardware and Software Engineered to Work Together

Joel Borellis, Group Vice President, Partner Enablement
Technology, Middleware and Business Intelligence

Chris Baker, Senior Vice President, Worldwide ISV,OEM and Java Sales
Engineered Systems and Hardware

Andy Bailey, Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances
Cloud, Fusion Applications and Customer Experience

Thomas LaRocca, Senior Vice President, North America Sales Alliances and Channels
Terri Hall, Group Vice President, North America Sales Alliances and Channels
Oracle Partner Excellence Awards: North America

Hugo Freytes, Senior Vice President, Latin America Alliances and Channels
Oracle Partner Excellence Awards: Latin America

Mark Lewis, Senior Vice President, APAC Alliances and Channels
Hiroshi Watanabe, Senior Vice President, Japan Alliances and Channels
Oracle Partner Excellence Awards: APAC and Japan

David Callaghan, Senior Vice President, EMEA Alliances and Channels
Oracle Partner Excellence Awards: EMEA


The OPN Communications Team

Wednesday Oct 23, 2013

Internet of Things Becoming Reality

The Internet of Things is not just on the radar—it’s becoming a reality. A globally connected continuum of devices and objects will unleash untold possibilities for businesses and the people they touch. But the “things” are only a small part of a much larger, integrated architecture.

A great example of this comes from the healthcare industry.

Imagine an expectant mother who needs to watch her blood pressure. She lives in a mountain village 100 miles away from medical attention.

Luckily, she can use a small “wearable” device to monitor her status and wirelessly transmit the information to a healthcare hub in her village.

Now, say the healthcare hub identifies that the expectant mother’s blood pressure is dangerously high. It sends a real-time alert to the patient’s wearable device, advising her to contact her doctor. It also pushes an alert with the patient’s historical data to the doctor’s tablet PC. He inserts a smart security card into the tablet to verify his identity. This ensures that only the right people have access to the patient’s data.

Then, comparing the new data with the patient’s medical history, the doctor decides she needs urgent medical attention. GPS tracking devices on ambulances in the field identify and dispatch the closest one available.

An alert also goes to the closest hospital with the necessary facilities. It sends real-time information on her condition directly from the ambulance. So when she arrives, they already have a treatment plan in place to ensure she gets the right care.

The Internet of Things makes a huge difference for the patient. She receives personalized and responsive healthcare. But this technology also helps the businesses involved. The healthcare provider achieves a competitive advantage in its services. The hospital benefits from cost savings through more accurate treatment and better application of services. All of this, in turn, translates into savings on insurance claims.

This is an ideal scenario for the Internet of Things—when all the devices integrate easily and when the relevant organizations have all the right systems in place. But in reality, that can be difficult to achieve. Core design principles are required to make the whole system work. Open standards allow these systems to talk to each other. Integrated security protects personal, financial, commercial and regulatory information. A reliable and highly available systems infrastructure is necessary to keep these systems running 24/7.

If this system were just made up of separate components, it would be prohibitively complex and expensive for almost any organization.

The solution is integration, and Oracle is leading the way. We’re developing converged solutions, not just from device to datacenter, but across devices, utilizing the Java platform, and through data acquisition and management, integration, analytics, security and decision-making.

The Internet of Things (IoT) requires the predictable action and interaction of a potentially endless number of components. It’s in that convergence that the true value of the Internet of Things emerges. Partners who take the comprehensive view and choose to engage with the Internet of Things as a fully integrated platform stand to gain the most from the Internet of Things’ many opportunities.

To discover what else Oracle is doing to connect the world, read about Oracle’s Internet of Things Platform. Learn how you can get involved as a partner by checking out the Oracle Java Knowledge Zone.

Best regards,

David Hicks