Tuesday Feb 19, 2013

Facebook and Google + and Your Website…. OH MY!

If you think Facebook is only for posting pictures from your family vacation, well think again. This social platform really packs a punch when it comes to relating to your target audience, prospecting for leads and creating customer engagement for your company. On Facebook especially, it is important to ask smart questions, making your posts interactive. From Facebook pages you can create for your business, to groups you can join, there are so many ways to connect with your consumers on this platform.

Why not use Facebook’s milestone feature to tell the story of your company in a creative way, or start a Facebook poll and have your followers decided where you should host the next customer networking event? The great thing about social media is that you can cater to each site and audience a little differently.

Take Google + for example. With Google +, you are able to get down to the specifics thanks to their “circles” feature. This feature allows you to segment by customer type, company group, interest, or really anything you can think of, and just promote to that circle. Imagine having access to multiple micro-sites and posting only relevant content – it’s a marketers dream! Watch video 7, “Creating Success with Facebook and Google +”, to find out more!

Finally, in video 8, “Making your Website a Lead gen Machine”, we take a deep look at your own website. Why your website you ask? Because all that promoting, emailing, contact hunting and social media posting you do has to point back to somewhere, and this somewhere should be your website! Within 5 seconds, people visiting your page should be able to determine what it is your company does. Learn more tips and tricks by watching the video below.

We are well on our way in this 12 part series, and we hope you have enjoyed it this far. Don’t forget to follow us around the web…Until next time!

Best Regards,

Lydia Smyers


Group Vice President

Worldwide Alliances and Channels