Tuesday Feb 05, 2013

Social Marketing for Today's Digital World– Let’s Talk LinkedIn and Twitter

We are back and half way through our Social Marketing for Today's Digital World web series. In our last post, Modern Marketing- Taking Social to a Whole New Level, we explored why completing your LinkedIn profile is so important and how to properly update it. In our next video, we demonstrate how to use LinkedIn as a demand generation vehicle –that’s right folks, LinkedIn isn’t just for networking any longer!  Learn how to use it to prospect and let us teach you how to better choose which groups to join, as well as some tools and apps you may not be aware of. This Diving into LinkedIn video below is sure to make using LinkedIn a breeze.

Our next video, Build Your Twitter Following, is designed to show you how to break through the noise and have your Tweets stand out in a sea of many. It will also take you step by step with building a better Twitter profile, growing your Twitter following and getting your tweets promoted. Did you know you can determine the best time to tweet to your followers with a program called Tweriod? How about creating a product or topic specific list on Twitter for others to follow? Be sure to watch video 6 to learn about these tips and more!

So get out there and get noticed on LinkedIn and Twitter! Just be sure to join us next week as we discuss how you can Create Success with Facebook and Google+, and How to Make Your Website a Lead Gen Machine.

Until next time, thanks again for watching!

Best Regards,

Lydia Smyers

Group Vice President

Worldwide Alliances and Channels