Friday Sep 10, 2010

Second Guest Post by Dave Wakeling of The English Beat

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In his second guest post for the OpenWorld blog, Dave Wakeling, lead singer and guitarist for The English Beat, sent us his impressions of San Francisco.

"Uber-European sensibility and pioneer brass tacks, what's not to love about San Francisco? Always wanted to live there, but always kept hostage by sun and sand of LA.

A Shangri-la of my youth, following Bill Graham's productions from afar, but wishing so hard it was like I was there, I got to be in a group and have dinner with him at his house to fill in any details I hadn't already embroidered.

Beautiful color combinations on houses; like the gaiety of English Victoriana before her Prince died and the Queen wanted everything painted black. I always hope there is a relationship, for little survived in the UK.

San Francisco, oddly enough, is a very modest city, considering the amazing cultural and technological advances that have been hatched on crowded freeways that all end in 80, a subtle defense against strangers, as fiendish as the design of any medieval city. Always at the sharp end of change, a multicultural experiment in community and compassion, and like a proven new wine, a captivating blend of rough and refined.

All of this makes San Francisco a natural leader in the 21st century. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius got its kick-off here in many ways. What will come out of San Francisco in this generation to make those dreams come true? How exciting to be a part of this!

Always room for improvement; traffic manners have sadly declined considerably in the past 20 years, whereas they have unpredictably improved in LA. Yes, your horn works! But where de ya think ya from, buddy, New York or somethin'? Get outta here! I have learned that in the eternal competition between SF and LA, this is counted against you, as though your tension is giving you away, and letting the Cali chill down."

Written in the Granada Theater Dallas car park in a tour bus during a thunderstorm,
September 2010

Read Dave's first post recounting his memories of playing at OpenWorld 2007.

Tuesday Sep 07, 2010

Get to Know Terri Nunn, Lead Singer of Berlin

See Berlin Live at the Oracle Appreciation Event on Sept. 22


The OpenWorld Blog staff checked in with Terri Nunn, Berlin's lead singer, about her band's upcoming performance and what she thinks of the OpenWorld crowd. Look for Part 2 of our interview next week!


Blog Staff: This will be the third time you've performed at OpenWorld. What are your memories of the previous show?

Terri Nunn: The last time I performed at OpenWorld was one of the highlights of my life. The amazing Oracle people gave us the unbelievable opportunity to play with ELTON JOHN! I don't care where my career has gone or will go; that night will be a standout forever. The crowd seemed in a daze and it's no wonder. How often will you ever get to see Elton John and--even more incredibly--see him at a company party?

Blog Staff: Do you like performing in San Francisco? Are there any particular things you do while you're here?

Terri Nunn: San Francisco's such a gorgeous place. The weather is perfect for me. I like places that are cooler, especially in the summer. I love the character of the city, the hilly streets and the archictecture. And we are SO EXCITED to play with THE BLACK EYED PEAS!! It's our first time!

Blog Staff: What have you been up to this summer?

Terri Nunn: I've been playing concerts and touring behind our latest release, "ALL THE WAY IN," a CD/DVD package. I'm also completing an all-new studio album that will come out in 2011. Simultaneously, I'm co-hosting a new talk show every week called "Between The Sheets" on We interview amazing guests - we recently did a two-parter with Grace Slick from the Jefferson Airplane, one of my heroes! She asked me to sing on a song with her to benefit the needy people in Louisiana right now called "Edge of Madness." In return, she let me interview her. You can download "Between The Sheets" shows anytime at or on iTunes.

Other than work, I've been teaching my daughter how to swim! She goes into first grade in September.

Read Part 2 of our interview with Terri next week. In the meantime, check out Berlin's website, Facebook page, and MySpace page.


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