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Oracle's Efforts for a Greener Enterprise

By Stephen Fox.
Oracle's Vice President Paul Salinger and Mergers & Acquisitions Communications Director Phyllis Davidson opened the final session in the Green Room cranking on Pedal-Power Generator bikes provided by Sustainable Energy Partners.

In the Big Red Going Green session, Salinger and Davidson highlighted the efforts that we made to ensure that Oracle OpenWorld implemented environmentally sensitive choices. "We partnered with Meeting Strategies Worldwide to help establish green meeting policies for all of our events to help reduce our footprint," Salinger said.

Davidson and Salinger also elaborated on Oracle's companywide environmental policies. "We have 84,000 people in the Oracle company, and we have a corporate commitment in senior management; but also the employees themselves have ideas of different things we can do as a company," Salinger said.

The presenters were joined on stage by John Humphrey, Chief Technology Officer from Sustainable Energy Partners, and by two athletes from 24 Hour Fitness who continued powering the LCD screen from the bikes. "We have these all set up around the center to connect people to energy, get a feel for how much energy a person can produce while biking, and it also gives people an opportunity to get a little bit of physical fitness in while they're here, which is all too uncommon," Humphrey explained.

The steps Oracle has taken to reduce, recycle, and reuse have led to some tangible results. Davidson explained how Oracle worked with Business for Social Responsibility to develop meaningful metrics to evaluate Oracle's practices. For example, the modern efficiencies of Oracle's revolutionary Austin Data Center, together with new policies to reduce paper use and evaluate procurement activities, have saved 121 tons of paper and enough energy to power 1,700 California homes for a year.

Later, Ram Nidumolu, PhD, Corporate Eco Forum Research Director, took the stage to examine a survey of senior executives from Global 500 corporations. He found that their top priorities were virtualization, greening their data centers, and consolidating data centers. Surprisingly, 42% of the executives said they did not have a budget dedicated to these efforts for the upcoming year. Other obstacles Nidumolu discovered included conflicting priorities and a lack of management systems to make needed changes.

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