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Oracle OpenWorld 2008 Survey Results

SurveyCover.jpgAt the close of Oracle OpenWorld 2008, some of you shared your opinions of the show through our Oracle OpenWorld 2008 Conference Survey. We gave you a little encouragement to participate by offering a $1,000 American Express Travel Gift Certificate to four lucky participants. Our gift certificate winners were:

• Mr. Vilas Ankolekar, Xerox
• Ms. Emily O’Mara, Louisville Water Company
• Mr. Curt Swartzendruber, Alltel
• Ms. Melissa Seger, Visa

We’d like to share some results with you, but be forewarned; we’re going to give you a lot of percentages. Here’s the first: almost 20% of the Full Conference attendees responded to the questionnaire.

While 81% of the responses came from attendees based in North America, we also received feedback from around the world. Those of you in Europe—specifically the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Germany—provided us with the second-highest response rate (10%), and the Asian-Pacific region represented our third largest (3%).

We discovered that most of you came to hear about Oracle’s roadmap and vision for the future. Others wanted to meet Oracle product and services experts, learn tips and tricks for products you’re currently using, or improve your overall technical proficiency and knowledge. A whopping 90% of you said that you were “Satisfied” (63%) or “Very Satisfied” (27%) with the show’s ability to deliver on your objectives. The remaining 10% felt “Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied” (8%) or “Dissatisfied” (2%).

You seemed to like the information we provided to you before the show—83% of you thought the Oracle OpenWorld Web site was “Good” (50%) or “Very Good” (33%). The breakdown for our e-mail updates was similarly positive: “Good,” 48% and “Very Good,” 28%.

Some places where it seems we could be doing better is in our direct marketing and—gasp!—this blog. A slight majority, 52% thought our direct marketing was “Good” (39%) or “Very Good” (13%), while 20% of you thought it was “Average.”

For the blog, 11% of you thought it was “Very Good,” 30% thought it was “Good,” and 11% thought it was “Average.” Although a few of you thought it was “Fair” (2%) or “Poor” (1%), the number that concerned us most was the 45% of respondents who marked “Not Applicable.” To us, this means we’re not reaching as much of our target audience as we had hoped. If you have suggestions on how we can change that, please let us know. We want this to be one of the most valuable resources before, during, and after the show for every attendee.

Besides the blog, we provided a number of ways to keep up with show information during the conference. You liked the Content Catalogue: “Good” (48%), “Very Good” (22%). Schedule Builder also fared well: “Good” (37%), “Very Good” (32%). We want to keep you in the loop while you’re at the Moscone Center, so we will continue to make improvements on how we share session details with you.

You gave high marks to the sessions’ content, speakers and presentations. Your highest praise went to the presentations, with 80% of you saying they were “Good” (57%) or “Very Good” (23%). Our speakers received the next-highest rating with 76% of you voting them “Good” (57%) or “Very Good (19%). Your review of our content for sessions was almost as stellar; 57% rated it “Good” and 17% scored it “Very Good.”

When you weren’t involved with the show’s sessions, you seemed to take advantage of the Exhibition Halls and Oracle DEMOgrounds. According to the results, more of you headed to the Exhibition Halls, with 46% voting that they were “Good,” 12% voting “Very Good,” and only 5% reporting “Did not attend.” Our responses indicated that the DEMOgrounds did not get the same amount of foot traffic, however, with 21% of you saying that you “Did not attend.” Of those who did, 42% found it “Good” and 19% thought it was “Very Good.”

The 2008 conference was the first Oracle OpenWorld for nearly half of you (48%). Almost two-thirds of you thought the value of the conference was Good” (47%) or “Very Good (16%). Our attendees tend to be at the forefront of using technology to cut costs, drive innovation, and improve data sharing. That’s why nearly 90% of you expect to be back for Oracle OpenWorld 2009.

In your survey comments, we heard that you appreciated the green initiatives we set up. Another response urged us to make Oracle OpenWorld a week long! Our favorite, though, was, “The only downside to the conference is that I have to wait another 365 days till the next one.” Thankfully, that number has dwindled to 157. Early Bird registration for Oracle OpenWorld 2009 is open now. Tell us what you’re looking forward to at the upcoming show by leaving a comment here.


What am I looking forward to? Hmm...to learn how to use oracle technology better, industry best practices. New features coming in 11gR2. Some cloud computing information, improve my RAC and HA skills and maybe even get certified. In a nutshell it's the one conference of the year that I look forward to the most...5 years and counting.

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