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OMagInterview.jpgOne of the best things about Oracle OpenWorld is the people you get to meet—face to face. It’s where you’ll find yourself surrounded by technology pros who are dealing with the same issues you are and can answer the questions no one else seems to get. After all, some of the folks walking around the conference are the same ones who create the software you use every day. You’ll also find them presenting sessions, leading demos, offering hands-on labs, or just waiting for you to walk up and engage them in shoptalk at our networking events.

The current issue of Oracle Magazine features a group discussion with an Oracle dream team. There’s Justin Kestelyn, editor in chief of Oracle Technology Network, asking the questions. Answers and insights are provided by Richard Sarwal, senior vice president of product development for Oracle Enterprise Manager, and Leng Leng Tan, vice president of development for applications and systems management for Oracle Enterprise Manager. Read the interview or watch the video podcast to find out what’s new with the latest release of Oracle Enterprise Manager and how it can make managing your entire Oracle stack a whole lot easier. Still have questions on the subject? Bring them to Oracle OpenWorld. You’re bound to bump into all the right answers.


Can you tell me how many CEU’s that are achievable for the Primavera portion of the conference.

Posted by Zoltan Palffy "Z" on July 20, 2009 at 12:35 AM PDT #

Zoltan, Here's the official word from our events team:
Oracle supports the ongoing professional development of project management professionals (PMPs) and the maintenance of PMP certification. By attending the Primavera keynote speech and technical program presentations at Oracle OpenWorld, PMPs can qualify for as many as nine professional development units (PDUs). Typically, each session qualifies for 1.0 PDU at the conference, and each keynote speech qualifies for 1.0 PDU. Please calculate the number of PDUs earned based on the number of sessions actually attended. This year s program number is: 1492 - PP2009.
Hope that helps.

Posted by Stephen Fox on July 21, 2009 at 08:39 AM PDT #

This type of certification appeals to professionals that either want or already have the responsibility of efficiently managing projects through their completion. Of course, the projects must meet or exceed expectations, be delivered in a timely manner, within budget, and within resources.

Posted by pmpcertification1 on August 13, 2009 at 01:44 PM PDT #

hello , i have a temparary table which preserves the data after commit of transaction. create global temporary table deepak_test (d1 number) on commit preserve rows; but for a new session this will always be empty. i have a procedure which inserts into that table in a autonomous transaction. means for each transaction it inserts data into same table . (this is what i am confusing, is transaction is same as session). create or replace procedure P2_DPK(P1_NUMBER IN NUMBER) is pragma autonomous_transaction; begin insert into deepak_test (1); COMMIT; end; since i am calling that procedure in a block and insertion of temparary table is occuring at each transaction. DECLARE V_NUM NUMBER; begin FOR I IN 1..10 LOOP SELECT COUNT(1)INTO V_NUM FROM deepak_test; DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('BEFORE '||V_NUM); P2_DPK(I); DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('AFTER '||V_NUM); END LOOP; end; what i am expection is , transaction to be treated as session, for each time call to the procedure, the temp table should be empty. how to acheive this requirement. : the table is a temp table on commit preserve rows, if i keep it as delete rows, i can acheive it . but i want the table to be in preserve rows mode and want to achieve for my business requirement. please help me in sorting out this issues. thanks and regards deepak

Posted by deepak on December 15, 2009 at 06:57 PM PST #

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