Thomas Kurian Keynote: New Oracle Cloud Services

Thomas Kurian, Oracle executive vice president of Product Development, stepped up to the podium in Moscone Center’s main hall and delivered Tuesday’s final keynote. He made three major announcements about the Oracle Cloud:
  • Oracle Database as a Service
  • Java as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service
Oracle Database as a Service, said Kurian, puts the world’s best database in the cloud, allowing you to support any database workload with a choice of managed services. That includes a single node, the database with Oracle Active Data Guard, or with highly available Oracle Real Application Clusters.

Java as a Service gives users an environment that’s fully customizable for any Java applications. Tenants can choose from several levels of options and services.

“The point,” Kurian said, “is to make your IT department into heroes.”

Finally, he announced Oracle Infrastructure as a Service and its two key components: storage and computing. Now you can run any workload in the Oracle Cloud, leveraging identity management, caching, messaging, and data and document sync. Storage is high performance and instantly scalable, and provides high availability. Computing is fully isolated—users have full root access—and secure. Nobody else can access your virtual machine environment.

You have the same control and power as an on-premise data center, but more flexibility and adaptability. And Oracle manages it so you don’t have to.

Kurian said Oracle Cloud offers the most complete suite of integrated services, including application services, social services, platform services, and infrastructure services. All of them are easy to use, information rich, configurable and extensible, and all are enabled for social collaboration, analytics, and big data.

“This changes the way you consume IT resources,” he said.

Learn more:
Press release: Oracle Expands Oracle Cloud with New Database as a Service, Java as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service

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