Belly Up to the Oracle Support Stars Bar

Technical Answers on Tap

By Tom Caldecott

The Oracle Support Stars Bar is designed to help Oracle OpenWorld attendees get answers to their toughest questions about Oracle software and hardware products. And the people who work the bar have the engineering expertise to answer most questions. And if they can't answer, they know who can.

This week, the bar has been busy, with the bartenders fielding technical questions. But, as is the case every year, a few of the Oracle OpenWorld 2013 questions have gone beyond what one can learn in engineering school.

Here’s a sampling of those questions presented at the bar:
“Where are the Oracle bags?”
 “Is this the way to the keynotes?” 
“How do I get to the pier?”
“Where are the restrooms?”
“What’s the WiFi password?” (there are signs everywhere that have that information)
“Do you have a pen?” (from an attendee who had just left the pen-filled Exhibition Hall)
“Can I get a drink?”

The Supports Stars baristas are good sports, and answer these misguided inquiries too.

But seriously, if you have tough technical questions that only the experts can answer, visit the Oracle Support Stars Bar at Moscone West, Lobby Level 2. They're open on Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for technical questions…and directions.

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