Third Guest Post by Dave Wakeling of The English Beat

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In his final guest post for the OpenWorld blog, Dave Wakeling, lead singer and guitarist for The English Beat, fills us in on what he's been working on this summer.

"Currently touring in the recession, which is bringing out saint or sinner in so many, as you probably see in your own fields. Corners are being cut with a straight face by those scared enough to want to go back to 1950. But cutthroats are turning their Halls in mausoleums, whereas those focusing on compassion and community, good value and good service are blessedly flourishing, because people need both of the above and reasonably priced entertainment more than ever.

Have also begun recording 6 of 16 brand new songs; friends tell me there are at least 6 hits, but when I ask them what a hit is nowadays, they say they don't know. So they say it will be a great album, but when I ask if anyone buys albums anymore, and if so, where, they say that don't know that either. I have always dreamed of having the number one song in the charts at Armageddon; just my luck.

I like the immediacy of playing live; it encourages you to be in the moment, because singing and connection are easy and natural there. Having tried every diversion and cul de sac over the years, it works best if you sing the song directly to the audience who is actually there, from your heart to theirs. Duh?!

We have been working hard to find a way to record that captures the spirit of the moment of live, and analytical, and growingly technological skill of the studio. We have now found our perfect blend, and are moving forward with excitement ...when we are not exhausted from touring.

Whether it's Utopia or Children of Men coming, Armageddon or a brand new start, we are all going to need some witty tunes to dance to, and I love being a troubadour in these turbulent, topsy turvy times."

Written in the Granada Theater Dallas car park in a tour bus during a thunderstorm,
September 2010

Read about Dave's memories of playing at OpenWorld 2007, and his second post on his impressions of San Francisco.


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