It's Not Who You Know, It's Who You Meet

A Guest Post from Oracle ACE Director, Lucas Jellema

Our first guest post this year is from Lucas Jellema. In addition to being an Oracle ACE Director, Lucas is CTO at AMIS, an Oracle and Java Technology Consulting firm based in The Netherlands. He has his own blog, but today he shares with us his thoughts on the opportunities available at Oracle OpenWorld.

Oracle is huge—in terms of products and technology, and certainly in terms of people. Nowhere will the people part of Oracle become more obvious than at Oracle OpenWorld. For a whole week, San Francisco is red, taken over by tens of thousands of Oracle users and Oracle staff..

Oracle OpenWorld is an excellent opportunity to share your experiences, questions, knowledge, enthusiasm, or even passion with like-minded souls. To talk to the people behind the products—the product managers and software engineers in the campgrounds. And the people behind the forum entries, blog posts, and technical books. To learn, not just in the technical sessions and hands-on labs but also and perhaps more so during the lunches and while standing in line (an intrinsic part of Oracle OpenWorld as well).

I have had so many brief and long conversations with total strangers who in some way, usually through common experiences and shared interests, were very familiar at the same time. Conversations that often resulted in exchange of contact details and ongoing communication. For me, Oracle OpenWorld is about people—about friends, even.


Interpersonal meetings are always fun. They are an enrichment for both persons involved. To understand, in the Oracle sphere the struggles using, monitoring and installing a DB can for a developer be enriching. It is HARD work. Patch here, patch there, metalink there. It is also, according to my experience in a long governance project at a global customer, very fruitful to gather people in a room. Using a wyte board, your brains and think. Thinktank meetings. What if - scenarios. Yellow post-it notes all over the place. Why not get wild and take more colors the next time! Enriches your brain. And do not forget the concept of jokeable items. This is the base to be. A common ground for smile. As the late charmful and witty Victor Borge said "a smile is the shortest distant between two people".

Posted by Lars Sjöström on September 03, 2009 at 08:02 PM PDT #

Eagerly waiting for your updates from OpenWorld in October.

Posted by Fahd Mirza on September 11, 2009 at 07:42 PM PDT #

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