The Down Low from Down Under

A Guest Post from User Group Executive Director Daniel J. Strassberg

Daniel J. Strassberg is Executive Director of the Australia and New Zealand Chapter of Quest International Users Group. In today's guest blog post, he discusses his experience with the entrepreneurial user group, and looks forward to his first visit to Oracle OpenWorld.

Oracle OpenWorld 2009 will be my first time to an Oracle OpenWorld event and my third major user group event for 2009. I have attended the user group events InSync09 in Sydney, Collaborate 09 in Orlando, and now Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco. The major investment in attending all these events has paid for itself in the rich information I have returned with--up-to-date inside knowledge of future happenings, global contacts I have made, and the material that allows my user community to remain on the leading edge.

As an entrepreneurial user group community based in the Asia Pacific region, we have survived the SARS epidemic and the Asian economic downturn. Quest Australia and New Zealand sees Oracle OpenWorld as the gateway for gathering much-needed intelligence and information, right from the source--from user led presentations directly targeted at the user level, both application and technical; to information from key global vendors and partners; to a chance to further strengthen our organization by being part of an event that is aimed at maximizing my investment in my ERP system and further improving the ROI on this long-term technical investment.

Oracle OpenWorld 2009 will be the most important in Oracle OpenWorld history, as a result of the world events over the last 12 months. These world events have changed the corporate landscape and the ways in which investors are thinking and have allowed organizations with inspiration and foresight to grow, capitalize, and gain market share over their weaker competitors.


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