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winner.jpgOnce again we'd like to offer a great big Thank You to everyone who submitted ideas and voted on sessions for Oracle OpenWorld 2008. Go to Oracle Mix for more details about the winning submissions (the top 25 will be presented). These sessions will also be listed in the Content Catalog when titles and content are finalized. Oracle's Lisa Stuart has already begun contacting the winners to make it official and work out the details—so if you're a winner, be sure to make her your friend on Oracle Mix when she extends the invitation.

You've waited long enough, so without further ado, here are the winners of the first ever Oracle OpenWorld Suggest a Session:

Rank: 1 (113 votes)
Security: Writing Custom Authentication Schemes for Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX)
Submitted by: Raj Mattamal

Rank: 2 (111 votes)
BEA Aqualogic Versus Oracle Fusion Middleware Shootout
Submitted by: Lonneke Dikmans

Rank: 3 (96 votes)
Implement Pro Card Functionality for Immediate ROI
Submitted by: Don Wynn

Rank: 4 (95 votes)
Visual Dashboard Design
Submitted by: Steve Stein

Rank: 5 (90 votes)
How to Hack an Oracle Application Express Application
Submitted by: Anton Nielsen

Rank: 6 (87 votes)
Successfully Developing and Integrating Applications in Oracle APEX Within Oracle E-Business Suite
Submitted by: Haseeb M

Rank: 7 (84 votes)
Indexing Secrets with Richard Foote
Submitted by: Richard Foote

Rank: 8 (81 votes)
How to Look Like a Star DBA: Shell Scripting Tips and Techniques for Junior DBAs
Submitted by: Sreekanth Chintala

Rank: 9 (77 votes)
The Next Generation of Business Integration: Making the Right Choice!
Submitted by: Nathalie Roman

Rank: 10 (76 votes)
Do You Have the S.W.A.T. to Get Your Highest ROI (On Your Next Upgrade)?
Submitted by: Christina Caporale

Rank: 11-12 (75 votes)
Use These Simple Tips to Quickly Find Answers to Your Oracle-Related Questions and Keep Your Oracle Skills Up-to-Date
Submitted by: Eddie Awad

(Re)Developing a Logistic Application in Oracle APEX in the Real World
Submitted by: Roel Hartman

Rank: 13 (74 votes)
Oracle's PeopleSoft Time And Labor—Getting it Right the Second Time at a School District
Submitted by: Andrew Beck

Rank: 14 (72 votes)
Real-World Best Practices for DBAs
Submitted by: Arup Nanda

Rank: 15 (69 votes)
Oracle's PeopleSoft Treasury—ROI Through Automation and Improved Cash Management
Submitted by: Jeannine Berman

Rank: 16 (68 votes)
Oracle APEX Team Development: Best Practices, Collaboration, and Application Deployment
Submitted by: Priya Lapham

Rank: 17 (67 votes)
How to Effectively Use Web 2.0 Technologies Within a Portal
Submitted by: Howard Block

Rank: 18 (66 votes)
Rapid Development and Validation of Oracle APEX Applications at an FDA-Regulated Medical Device Company
Submitted by: Deb Groskreutz
Rank: 19 (65 votes)
So, You Want to Be an Oracle ACE?
Submitted by: Dan Norris

Rank: 20 (62 votes)
Back to Basics: Simple Database Web Services Without an Application Server
Submitted by: Chris Muir

Rank: 21 (61 votes)
Using Oracle APEX to Analyze Your PL/SQL Source Code
Submitted by: Flavio Casetta

Rank: 22-23 (60 votes)
Oracle Portal, Oracle WebCenter, and Stellent—Which One Should You Use?
Submitted by: Eric Marcoux

Undocumented Oracle DBA Utilities: Black Magic for the Oracle Expert!
Submitted by: Ben Prusinski

Rank: 24 (59 votes)
Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE)—Custom Versus Prepackaged
Submitted by: Adam Getz

Rank: 25 (58 votes)
Oracle Database 11g: New Features for DBAs
Submitted by: Arup Nanda


Thanks to the OOW team and the Mix gang for putting this great idea into the conference. It looks like you're getting some great additional content that might not have otherwise made it to presentations. For all those sessions that were not selected, you should absolutely consider presenting it at the Unconference event ( See you there!

Posted by Dan Norris on July 21, 2008 at 01:28 AM PDT #

Seems APEX is the most popular topic. Congratulations to the top 25!! Perhaps, some of these presentations could have been grouped together so that there would have been more variety and a couple more presentation slots. Not a single core Oracle EBS presentation! Wonder why......Maybe the votes didn't add up..

Posted by Mohan Dutt on July 21, 2008 at 02:32 AM PDT #

I would like to thank Oracle for implementing the mix web site, and allowing for active Oracle users to help decide on topics to be included at Oracle Open World. I am very excited about having my topic "Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE)—Custom Versus Prepackaged" be selected, and I am very much looking forward to presenting at the conference. This is a very worthwhile opportunity and is great way to share my knowledge of the Oracle Business Intelligence product.

Posted by Adam Getz on July 21, 2008 at 10:30 AM PDT #

Hi all, Thanks all for voting my presentation " Undocumented Oracle DBA Utilities: Black Magic for the Oracle Expert!" as one of the top final sessions for this year's OpenWorld. I look forward to sharing my inside secrets on how to dig into the Oracle database engine with some undocumented and hidden tools. As for EBS- I am thinking of possibly doing a whitepaper/workshop on EBS and Data Warehouse/OBIEE for next year's OpenWorld. Regards, Ben Prusinski

Posted by Ben Prusinski on July 23, 2008 at 07:47 AM PDT #

Oh yes, reserving some slots for user-nominated sessions has been a great idea and i am especially happy to find myself in company of many great oracle buddies. Thanks to all the people who voted for the session. Flavio

Posted by Flavio Casetta on July 31, 2008 at 07:13 PM PDT #

Good to see the popularity of Apex!

Posted by Learco Brizzi on August 07, 2008 at 03:10 AM PDT #

I couldn;t thank the Mix team enough for putting it together. This, being an experiment, must have gone through utmost scrutiny. But I hope in the end, the results were as expected. Without this, I couldn't have been able to submit my abstract; and I wish to thank Oracle Mix and the members who voted for the session.

Posted by Arup Nanda on September 27, 2008 at 02:34 PM PDT #

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