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The Story Behind The Newest Group on Oracle Mix

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By Richard Levitt.

Oracle OpenWorld attendee Debra Lilley got trapped for over 90 minutes in an elevator at the San Francisco Mariott. So she reached out to the Oracle blogging community, which helped her stay calm and have some fun.

It all started on her way back to the room. The elevator stopped on her floor; as she walked out an old friend walked in, and they started to chat. The elevator began to move, and her friend hit the "stop" button. The elevator stopped for good.

Stuck, they first called hotel maintenance, then hunkered down for a long wait. Laptop in hand and the hotel's wireless network at their convenience, they reached out to blogging communities. Lilley posted to her blog and to Oracle Mix.

Pretty soon, other bloggers started checking in with her. Was her plight for real? Did she need help. Someone called the hotel management. Others cracked jokes.

"The Oracle home page asked 'What can Oracle do for you?' so I wrote 'Rescue me!'" she chuckled. She started a group on Oracle Mix called Stuck in an Elevator @ OOW and got numerous responses from people who wanted to join.

About 90 minutes later, the hotel engineers freed Lilley and her friend. Asked if she had advice for anyone stuck in an elevator, Lilley said, "enjoy the moment."


This is great. It was good to have a mobile environment working in the elevator. Patience pays, yes. Even Lilley enjoyed being stucked in the cell, and good to know that Oracle Mix did a wonderful rescue mission in this pleasant occasion. Let's go!

Posted by CY Lee on September 24, 2008 at 02:12 AM PDT #

As Debra half-jokingly noted, this was a great example of User Group cooperation, with Debra representing UKOUG, and myself, Mike Riley, representing ODTUG being the two stuck in the elevator. She was able to use her laptop to keep the world informed about our plight, while I was able to use my cell phone to talk with others directly. Debra and I are old friends, and the "lift incident" could have been much worse. We kept each other laughing rather than worrying about our situation. While I don't wish this situation on anyone, it is 90+ minutes of my life that I will never forget! Thanks, Mike Riley Vice President - Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG)

Posted by Mike RIley on September 30, 2008 at 10:24 PM PDT #

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