Stark Expo Needs You

Train to Become a Master Cloud Operative


Can't wait until September to get your Oracle fix? Then come visit us at the Stark Expo now.

Marvel Entertainment has turned itself into one of the hottest media companies of the digital age, and at the heart of Marvel's growth and transformation is Oracle technology. Now, as this successful collaboration finds its way to the big screen, Oracle joins forces with Marvel to launch a special showcase Website and movie trailer for the upcoming Iron Man 2.

In Iron Man 2, Oracle is a proud sponsor of Stark Expo, a world-class tradeshow that depends on a cloud computing architecture to ensure that systems are free from overload. Starting today, visitors to the showcase Website are invited to become Master Cloud Operatives and keep Stark Expo up and running. Complete your training, test your troubleshooting skills in the Oracle Pavilion, and qualify to receive a free movie poster.


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