Spotlight on Sreekanth Chintala

saswinner.jpg Presenter: Sreekanth Chintala, Sr. Database Engineer, Dell

Session: How to Look Like a Star DBA: Shell Scripting Tips and Techniques for Junior DBAs

Q. If you were going to Twitter a friend about your presentation, how would you describe it in 140 characters or fewer?

A. Being an author of many automation utilities(written in Shell scripting), I am going to share my experiences on how to exploit Shell scripting to look like a star DBA

Q. What's the one session you're not going to miss (other than your own, of course), and why?

A. Oracle Virtual Machine. Because VM’s the next wave.

Q. What are your top three tips or tricks for attendees?

1. Decide on major areas you are interested in, and plan to attend all the sessions in that area.

2. Have alternate sessions ready, in case you find a session that is interesting.

3. This is the place to network. Meet as many new folks as possible.

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