Spotlight on Deb Groskreutz

saswinner.jpg Presenter: Deb Groskreutz, Third Wave Technologies

Session: Rapid Development/Validation of Oracle Application Express Applications at an FDA-Regulated Medical Device Firm

Q. If you were going to Twitter a friend about your presentation, how would you describe it in 140 characters or fewer?

A. This talk describes an APEX scientific application that makes genetic calls
on samples and summarizes how we validate the software following FDA

Q. What's the one session you're not going to miss (other than your own, of course), and why?

A. Most of the APEX sessions; but especially Analyze Your PL/SQL Code with Oracle Application Express and DBMS_PROFILER, because both APEX and tracking down performance bottlenecks have been a large part of my DBA/Development work.

Q. What are your top three tips or tricks for attendees?

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