Spotlight on Dan Norris

saswinner.jpg Presenter: Dan Norris, ESA Practice Manager, Piocon Technologies

Session: So, You Want to Be an Oracle ACE?

Q. If you were going to Twitter a friend about your presentation, how would you describe it in 140 characters or fewer?

A. Be a good community contributor, or at least a better one, by checking out this session on being or becoming an Oracle ACE! #awesome

Q. What's the one session you're not going to miss (other than your own, of course), and why?

A. Not to miss: Under the Hood of Oracle Clusterware (Alex Gorbachev, Sunday IOUG Forum). Alex is a serious technician and a very smart guy who always tells me things that I didn't know before, even if I thought I knew "enough" already. Plus, his Russian/German/Canadian accent is interesting :).

Q. What are your top three tips or tricks for attendees?

1. Wear comfortable shoes.

2. Take all the heavy stuff out of the bag you carry around with you all day (you don't really need that folder or book with you all day, do you?).

3. If you aren't dehydrated by the end of the day, then you probably haven't been talking to enough people (or possibly you've been drinking enough water)!

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