Session Report: Making a Business Case for Information Security

Make Sure Decision-Makers Know That Better Security Means Better Business

The key to selling security initiatives is building a strong business case to overcome objections.

Stolen credentials that lead to a compromising security breach is bad for business. Yet it remains one of the leading security issues facing the enterprise.

SQL Injection that puts sensitive customer or enterprise data at risk is bad for business. Yet 25 percent of all data breaches--and 89 percent of all breached records--are the result of SQL Injection.

Hacking, regulatory oversight and requirements, and potential damage to the brand due to data breaches are all on the rise. Security breaches and legal missteps can cost a company dearly in regulatory fines, increased oversight, diminished customer and stockholder loyalty, and loss of business.

So why, asked Oracle's Russ Lowenthal and Bob Bocchino, are security initiatives such a hard sell to corporate decision-makers? The answers are ignorance (of the issues), confusion (about the nature of threats and the complex solutions), doubt (about how serious the problem is), and budget (of course).

Some techniques and solutions for overcoming those obstacles include framing security in relevant business terms instead of buzzy technical terms, tieing security initiatives to ongoing projects, and surrounding yourself with advocates who recognize the value of data security.

And, of course, knowing which of Oracle's myriad data security solutions and tools can be applied to mitigate your security risks.

Oracle's security solutions are on display in the Oracle OpenWorld DEMOgrounds, Wednesday, September 22, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can learn about:

• Oracle Database Firewall
• Oracle Database Vault
• Oracle Label Security
• Oracle Audit Vault
• Oracle Advanced Security
• Oracle Database Security

Or you can go ahead and buy Oracle licenses and support online today.


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