“Prebuilt, Open, and Complete”

Oracle VP Jose Lazares on Oracle Application Integration Architecture

lazares.jpgExerpt from the official daily newspaper from Oracle Magazine and Profit. By Monica Mehta.

Daily staff: What is Oracle Application Integration Architecture, and what are the common misconceptions about it?

Lazares: Oracle Application Integration Architecture is a prebuilt, open, and complete solution for integrating applications to create agile, usercentric business processes. The key objective is to provide our customers, prospects, and partners with the capability to more easily integrate and orchestrate end-to-end business processes across mixed systems. Today many people may think of using Oracle Application Integration Architecture as simply a way to connect two systems to share data and information. But what we’re really doing is delivering a holistic solution that enables you to orchestrate composite business processes, or user-defined business processes, across your enterprise applications.

Daily staff: What advice can you share with Oracle OpenWorld attendees for maximizing their experience at the show?

Lazares: First, for the core applications that drive your business, you need to identify a set of sessions that will help you understand our current product releases and how they relate to where your business is in terms of thinking through, “Should I be upgrading? Does it enable me to eliminate customizations? Will it simplify my business?”

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