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Fujitsu's Promise: "shaping tomorrow with you"

Reprinted from the Oracle OpenWorld Daily.

In today's Oracle OpenWorld keynote, Fujitsu Corporate Senior Vice President Noriyuki Toyoki will affirm the company's new pledge to customers: "shaping tomorrow with you." Fujitsu is one of the world's largest IT providers, with approximately US$50 billion in revenue and 170,000 employees globally.

Fujitsu's pledge reflects its customer-centric approach to business, as well as its desire to contribute to society as a whole through information and communications technologies.

"We place great importance on working with our customers to help them succeed," says Noriyuki Toyoki. "Through building long-term partnerships and harnessing the power of information and communications technology, we strive to enable customers to expand their possibilities."

Fujitsu projects that people will use information and communication technology to make life more pleasant and fruitful in the future. Fujitsu would like to actively support this "human-centric intelligent society" by providing innovative and eco-friendly technologies, products, and services.

For more than 20 years, Oracle and Fujitsu have worked together, building a strong foundation and focusing on innovation in business-critical computing environments for enterprise customers.

Oracle technology has become a key component in Fujitsu's offerings for business-critical computing, with both SPARC and x86 server platforms as they apply to specific business and customer requirements. The Oracle and Fujitsu combination also provides a natural fit to the emerging requirements of cloud computing. Fujitsu's extensive knowledge and experience in datacenter integration and cloud-based systems will accelerate delivery of the benefits of cloud computing. This includes lowering the cost of IT; increasing security, reliability, and performance; and reducing the management load for Oracle users.

Upon these IT infrastructures Fujitsu can also provide end-to-end services and expertise for customers, including consulting, design, construction, implementation, and maintenance activities--turning Oracle's technology and products into sustainable computing solutions.

Noriyuki Toyoki, in addressing these issues, says, "I would like all attendees at Oracle OpenWorld to learn about the unique and natural partnership between Fujitsu and Oracle. It is a rich collaboration that provides innovative, reliable, and sustainable solutions to the global market, and underpins the evolving future of SPARC and Oracle Solaris server platforms."


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