Otellini Outlines Intel’s Timely Innovations

PaulOtellini.jpgExerpt from the official daily newspaper from Oracle Magazine and Profit. By Bobbie Hartman.

“Time plays a very, very critical role in the running of Intel,” declared Intel President and CEO Paul S. Otellini during his Tuesday keynote. Otellini’s lively presentation combined a historical perspective on business productivity with a review of Intel’s latest technological achievements.

Otellini reviewed the role that time has played for Intel customers from several industries: finance, medicine, shipping, and even movie animation. In all of these, new Intel product innovations recently made the difference by enabling these organizations to gather and analyze
data faster.

Customers can expect a new level of performance from Intel products every single year, Otellini promised. He reviewed several new Intel products, including a microprocessor platform called Dunnington, a member of the Xeon family. “It’s only been out a week, and it’s already breaking benchmarks,” he added.

“Time is a very scarce and precious commodity,” Otellini concluded. “Intel technology can actually help you turn it into money for your businesses. Independent of any businesses that you’re in, optimizing in the three areas of performance, software optimization, and energy efficiency has an immediate and tangible payback for your business.”

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