Oracle Sets World Abuzz Over Oracle Beehive

beehive.jpgExerpt from the official daily newspaper from Oracle Magazine and Profit. By Tara Swords.

Before a packed crowd of customers and partners, Oracle President Charles Phillips on Monday recapped a year of big accomplishments at Oracle and debuted a new product that is already generating buzz in tech circles.

Oracle Beehive, a built-from-scratch collaboration application, gives customers a new way to communicate and work together on projects. For example, Oracle Beehive can tie together e-mail clients, instant messaging and chat programs, calendars, voice mail, and conferencing applications behind the scenes so users can more easily share and simultaneously work on documents, e-mails, and multimedia files.

“You can start to organize the way you work,” Phillips said. “Now we’ll take that same concept of a single workspace and expand it to a team workspace.”

Chuck Rozwat, executive vice president of product development at Oracle, joined Phillips on stage to demonstrate Oracle Beehive in action. The two showed how Oracle Beehive users can add members to collaboration groups, collaborate on a presentation simultaneously, and store files of various types in a shared workspace.

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This morning I heard that NYT pointed out the fact that Oracle's Beehive is a third time trial to get into the collaboration solution market since 2002. The reporter who relayed this news told me that the current Oracle is a sea change in terms of its prowess - everyhing in line under the world's best portfolio. I hope Oracle Beehive to make a sensational sucess this time.

Posted by CY Lee on September 23, 2008 at 02:49 AM PDT #

Heard from a reporter that Oracle is entering this collaboration solution market a third time since 2002, according to a NYT article. The reporter said it will be different this time as Oracle is a sea-change corporation since then. "It is the world's best enterprise software company with broadest range of portfolio," he said. I am 100% behind him, and I hope and believe we will make a resounding success this time.

Posted by CY Lee on September 23, 2008 at 03:08 AM PDT #

Beehive and Adobe Buzzword seem to be very similar .... which raises the likelihood of whoever can secure/recognise clients who have Cloud Control in the "business" DNA and who have Virtualised their Operations/Applications/Intellectual Property Portfolio, [and one must expect that there are also others extremely Active/ProActive/NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive in the ITs NeuReal Market Place/CyberSpace] with what are nothing less than Plans/Methodologies/Algorithms for an Overall Dominant/Predominant Cloud Control for Information/Product Placement/Intelligence Superiority, albeit with such AI Pre-Eminence requiring Superior Beta Performance. And as in all such Endeavours, does that always come down to the bottom line of Who is leading the Teams in dDevelopment with Viable Novel Source Imagination. Who and/or What is ITs Visionary Seer ...... for one can always Obfuscate the Personality with a Program Substitution ........ for Reasons of Virtual Security. It is certainly what NIRobotIQs XXXXPlores and Facilitates and would be Empowered and Enabled to Share to Spread the Lode with Greater Bandwidth/Market Penetration/Stealth Embedment...... should that also be an Oracle Pinnacle Climb/Base Station Build for CyberSpace.

Posted by amanfromMars on September 23, 2008 at 04:05 PM PDT #

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