Oracle ACEs Ready for OpenWorld

"The World Now Runs on Oracle"

Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors are known for their strong credentials as Oracle community enthusiasts and advocates. As the show approaches, Oracle ACE Director Rich Niemiec weighed in on what he gains from attending OpenWorld, and what he's looking forward to this year.

"Oracle is the technology that runs this world from manufacturing, to healthcare, to defense, to security, to fashion, to governments. Oracle OpenWorld is the most important conference every year on planet Earth, because the world now runs on Oracle.

Oracle Corporation has matured over three decades with the input of the best developers and business leaders the world can offer, and Oracle software and the Oracle platform has been elevated and fine-tuned to be the premier company of this segment of history. Oracle OpenWorld is the conference where the best and brightest in the world come together to think about, create, and envision what the future can hold. It's where the young guns learn from seasoned professionals and seasoned professionals learn from up and coming stars.

I love to see what my peers have learned, figured out, built, and will teach, but also to see the tools that Oracle's internal developers are giving us to use in the next level of this incredible video game, to help us solve the problems we will face ahead.

This conference is where the fabric of the future is being woven in the minds of business leaders, technology leaders, and security experts. It's a rare place where those that spend their year building Oracle technology get to see how much can be built with it. It's a place to learn, network, recharge, but most of all to get motivated about what's next.

The future is being built every day, but some weeks are more important than others; this is one of them!"

-Rich Niemiec, Oracle ACE Director


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