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tradeshow.jpgIf you have ever been on a trade show floor an hour after the show closes, you have seen the amazing amount of waste. There is paper, cardboard, all sorts of giveaways, lumber... you name it. Once, I even saw koi fish that had been on display in a booth. Trade shows and expositions are often the components of a conference or event that have the most significant impact on the environment. Exhibitions use large amounts of energy, require considerable transportation, and generate a tremendous amount of waste—all of which affect the health of the planet.

In fact, statistics show us that one three-day conference-trade show with 500 booths is estimated to use:

• 617,000 KwH electricity
• 28,000 therms natural gas
• 376,000 gallons of fuel

And produce 8 million tons of carbon dioxide. Now that is one big carbon footprint!

Oracle—in partnership with its exhibitors—wants to change that. Exhibitors at Oracle OpenWorld have been asked to:

• Participate in the facility's recycling program.
• Minimize packaging materials on all booth items, and use environmentally responsible packing materials.
• Avoid large quantities of collateral, and provide information electronically whenever possible.
• If printed materials can't be avoided, use vegetable-based ink and 30% minimum post-consumer, recycled paper.
• Provide environmentally responsible giveaways, and ensure that they are not made from endangered or threatened species.
• Design displays to incorporate indoor air quality principals and be made with environmentally responsible materials, including energy-efficient lighting.
• Make signage from recycled materials, and reuse or donate it after the show.
• Minimize transportation to and from show site. Use biodiesel-fueled or alternative-fuel trucks. Offset transportation emissions with carbon offset program.
• Train booth staff to assist facility with properly disposing of recyclable materials and other waste.
• Donate any eligible materials at the show site as instructed. (Moscone has an extensive donation program to tap into.)

Thanks to our exhibitors, vendors, and facility, we are looking forward to walking the show floor after Oracle OpenWorld 2008 and seeing a very small footprint!

Nancy J. Wilson
CMP, Meeting Strategies Worldwide
Meeting Strategies Worldwide was hired to assess the Oracle OpenWorld 2007 green meeting practices and provide guidelines for Oracle OpenWorld 2008 and other Oracle events.


Excellent blog post! With tens of thousands of attendees for a mega-conference like Openworld, seldom do we think about the carbon footprint. Thanks for the timely reminder and tips to exhibitors. May I take the opportunity to suggest a few more green tips: [a] Provide web-links and download links on bookmarks instead of brochure and CD-ROMs. Bookmarks have longer shelf life and easier to carry for attendees [b] Provide brochures and presentations on flash drives instead of printouts [c] Think of bio-degradable gifts made of natural fibres instead of plastic [d] Ask attendees to fill out surveys on terminals rather than survey forms [e] Read content catalog online and maintain online agenda calendar instead of printing each session details

Posted by OCP Advisor on August 07, 2008 at 03:07 PM PDT #

Thanks OCP Advisor, Those are some great additions to the list of earth-friendly tips. By pure coincidence, we're featuring your blog today in our Around the World post. Everyone should check it out for more wise thoughts around the subject of Oracle OpenWorld.

Posted by Jack Flynn on August 08, 2008 at 01:07 AM PDT #

Another add on for the green conference: - Stimulate car sharing / taxi sharing for participants when they come or leave the conference site. This could very easily be accomplished by setting up signs for the various large hotels in the area. At those queues you can then have somebody present to form groups of three or four people to be placed in a taxi.

Posted by Andreas Chatziantoniou on September 10, 2008 at 04:05 PM PDT #

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