Not Your Daddy's Oracle OpenWorld

From Oracle World to OpenWorld: What A Difference 11 Years Can Make

By Michael Kure 

I recently returned to Oracle after a long absence—and a good chunk of that time was spent outside of  the tech industry. The last OpenWorld I attended was in 2002. And back then, it wasn’t even called Oracle OpenWorld—it was simply OracleWorld. So, here I am having boomeranged back, and wondering if Oracle OpenWorld 2013 is basically the same conference I attended over a decade ago.

It most definitely is not.

The sheer size of this event is mindboggling—a physical wonderland of modern technology and attention-grabbing showmanship under multiple roofs. Impressive are the myriad exhibitors located across several buildings, with several booths standing out in terms of design and production. I honestly cannot recall booths in the past exhibiting such creativity. From a Japanese-accented exhibit with bonsai trees and little rock sculptures to a peewee golf course where attendees can test their skill to a condensed version of the classic Volkswagen minibus outfitted with flatscreen monitor and leather sofa that functions as a cozy meeting room, there is much to see and try.

The power, passion, and creativity behind Oracle OpenWorld 2013 can clearly be felt as I absorb all there is to see and do, and the tens of thousands of people taking part in it all. Memories of my last Oracle World fade by comparison.


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