Larry Ellison Keynote: Everything Runs Fast

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison opened this year’s Oracle OpenWorld 2013 conference with a series of blockbuster announcements.

He first announced the breakthrough In-Memory Option for Oracle Database, which delivers 100X faster queries for real-time analytics, and a 2X increase in transaction processing rates. “We figured out a way to speed up query processing and at the same time at least double database transaction processing rates,” he said.

Ellison explained that Oracle’s solution was to use a dual format that stores both row and column in-memory formats for the same database. Oracle can now scan billions of rows per second per CPU core, which converts join processing into fast column scans.

Ellison then introduced the Oracle M6-32 Big Memory Machine. With a massive 32 terabytes of DRAM memory and double the cores of Oracle’s previous generation M5 servers, these SMP systems use a silicon-switching network for terabyte-scale computing. Based on the new SPARC M6 processor, this is the fastest in-memory database machine available today. The Oracle M6-32 is also the core building block of the Oracle SuperCluster M6-32 engineered system, which Ellison also announced.

Last but not least, he introduced the Oracle Database Backup, Logging, Recovery Appliance. With very little load on the network, these appliances are designed to back up the entire database, not just the files, and can be housed in a location other than your data center, or even in the cloud. Ellison explained that there is nothing like this in the marketplace.

In closing, Ellison described the data center of the future, which he says will include a core of commodity servers and also a collection of purpose-built specialized machines that give you better database performance, lower database cost, and provide more reliable backups and faster analytics.

If you missed the keynote, you can watch the replay.

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