Tom Kyte Announces New Tools and Shortcuts for Database Developers

Keynote Report: What's New in Oracle Database Application Development




Tom Kyte, vice president and senior technology architect in Oracle's Server Technology Division, Oracle ACE, and the popular blogger behind Ask Tom and the Tom Kyte blog presented an Oracle Develop keynote focused on the latest tools and shortcuts for Oracle database developers.

The technologies he covered include:
-SQL Developer
-ODP .Net

All the things that resonate with DBAs, developer DBAs, and the "people who live in databases," he said. At the session, he said he'd post his complete notes on Ask Tom shortly.


Tom is frankly a great lecturer who helped out so many of us oracle professionals though the ASKTOM blog. And then, he lacks any arrogance and still has hands on experience with DB administration , Sql querying and pl/sql programming like any other programmer not an Oracle VP or any other C level executive. Tom , Keep up the good work .

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