Is a Green Room Session on Your Schedule?

Make Some Time to Make a Difference

GreenRoom.jpgOk, this is a technology conference and you’re coming to find out all you can about Oracle software and Oracle strategy, so why sign up for a Green Room session?

Well, for one, the whole issue of sustainability, eco-friendliness, green, climate change, however you want to categorize it, is pretty tightly tied up with technology. More and more emerging technologies, including software that Oracle provides, are being used to help companies be more energy efficient, run greener supply chains, and measure their sustainability policies and efforts.

The Green Room was designed to showcase both Oracle software and technology solutions, and to provide industry, government, scientific, and sustainability leaders and experts with a venue to give attendees the latest green news and to provide actionable information that you can take back to your company or your personal life to help make a difference.

So, if you care about being more green, or even just learning more about it, register today for one of the many sessions at the Green Room. We’ll make it worth your time. In fact, I'm doing a session on Thursday, September 25 about what Oracle is doing to be more green. Come check it out!

Paul Salinger
Vice President


here's a great guide to all things green at OpenWorld -

Posted by Rich on September 19, 2008 at 01:01 AM PDT #

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