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Oracle OpenWorld Insights from Steve Romeo

Justin Kestelyn, editor-in-chief of the Oracle Technolgy Network (OTN), recently conducted an e-mail interview with Oracle ACE Steve Romeo, the vice president of IT for Breg. Steve is one of the first Oracle ACEs in the Apps/Apps Tech area, and an Oracle OpenWorld alumni many times over. Thanks Steve for participating in the blog!

JUSTIN: What is your interest in Oracle? Customer, partner, both?
STEVE: Customer.

JUSTIN: Why do you attend Oracle OpenWorld? What do you get out of it?
STEVE: I get to see all of the latest cutting-edge technology that Oracle offers, and I have the opportunity to network with Oracle product managers, development, partners, and other customers. In my opinion, it is the best technology conference out there.

JUSTIN: How many have you attended, and beginning in what year?
STEVE: Eight Oracle OpenWorld/AppsWorld conferences. Beginning in 1999.

JUSTIN: What is your most memorable moment or experience of any previous Oracle OpenWorld?
STEVE: Watching the rollout of Oracle E-Business Suite. I had no idea that it would transform the landscape of business applications and revolutionize the way we conduct business. The other memorable experience was meeting Sean Tucker of Team Oracle. He is an amazing pilot and a true ambassador of Oracle’s message.

JUSTIN: How do you plan or “prepare” for Oracle OpenWorld—in terms of session agenda, social events, and so on?
STEVE: I use the Web to schedule my conferences. This year, Oracle is using Oracle Mix to disseminate information regarding Oracle OpenWorld. I also take full advantage of my Blackberry to keep all of my appointments lined up. Regarding social events, I’m always invited to additional events while attending Oracle OpenWorld, so I try to maximize networking by attending as many as possible without burning myself out.

JUSTIN: Is there anything in particular that you look forward to at Oracle OpenWorld 2008?
STEVE: I am very excited to learn more about Web 2.0 and the emerging integration between business apps and Web 2.0. The Oracle Sales Prospector is one of the most exciting products I’ve seen, and I can’t wait to see it launched at Oracle OpenWorld.

JUSTIN: What would your advice be for a “green” (new) attendee?
STEVE: Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to see everything. Pick a few tracks and stick with them. There is so much going on that you can always get the DVD set after the conference and review the material you miss. It’s a great event and offers excellent insight into the world of Oracle.

JUSTIN: What would your advice be for someone not attending, but who wants to participate in a “vicarious” way?
STEVE: Use the Oracle Web site to stay connected to what’s happening. Participate in the blogs that are published, and watch for the new announcements that show up online.


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