Guest Post by Dave Wakeling of The English Beat

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Dave Wakeling, lead singer and guitarist for The English Beat, sent us three posts, including this one that recounts some of his memories playing at OpenWorld. Check back soon for more!

Here's Dave on performing at OpenWorld 2007:

"Enchanted kingdom, everything perfect, sound and lights just so, elegance all around from swish to dotcom casual. So much food, would they be too full to dance?!

Show begins, still wondering. Some of the other shows have been amazing spectacle just shy of connection, a gorgeous backdrop for a more pressing conversation ...oh the travails of the precious troubadour?!

But the music starts thick and full, and people start moving straight away, trips down memory lane and that last Cosmo bringing dance steps out of storage. Energy rolls back across the crowd, Jung's theory of mass consciousness in action, people moving in step before knowing it, an organic network of immediate subtle connection and communication.

Smiles of joy, nostalgia, kinship, and libido, hair getting wet, sticking to faces, excess clothing disappearing, brains hearts hips and feet all in line, chakras firing, an intoxicating mist of perfume, sweat, pheromones, memories, and dreams envelops our celebration of the eternal moment that is there in our everyday lives, but is easier to access at such a wonderful event as Open World, so thanks again!"

Written in the Granada Theater Dallas car park in a tour bus during a thunderstorm,
September 2010


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