Getting Hands On at a Hands-On Lab

In which a technology writer goes mano a mano with a Hands-On Lab. 

By Tom Caldecott 

The hands-on lab was on the topic of Oracle Java Cloud Service. Am I an engineer, a developer? No. A blog technology writer. So why did I attend? To talk about the experience.  

My badge was scanned. And I was green…not yellow. In other words, I was accepted into what a fellow attendee called an extremely popular experience. “You don’t always get into every lab you want. They usually fill up quickly, so you have to sign up as early as possible,” he said. 

Once inside, I sat down at a laptop. The head instructor for the lab gave a presentation on the benefits of the cloud service offering. A desktop view of folders to open appeared on the laptop screen. And we were off…well, all except the blog technology writer who stared at the screen. “Are you doing OK?” asked an instructor. “I’m just….resting…yes, that’s it…resting,” I said. The instructor smiled and moved on.

For me, all I could do was observe the rest of the lab. For the engineers and developers, it was a valuable and rewarding experience as they moved through instructional text, testing their knowledge, and asking questions of the experts. “That was extremely helpful,” said one attendee when asked for his feedback.

“In this lab, we get people with all levels of experience regarding Oracle Java Cloud Service,” said the head instructor.“That’s what we’re here for, to help them learn.” And, in fact, that’s what all the labs are about.

They offer the chance—in an hour or so and with the help of experts—to learn what could take days or weeks to pick up on one’s own. Which makes the popularity of Hands-On Labs easy to understand.


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