Engineered Systems: Faster Than the Speed of Thought

By Margaret Harrist

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Keynote Coverage: Oracle OpenWorld Show Daily

The power of parallel-everywhere architecture was the theme of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's first keynote of Oracle OpenWorld 2011. "Our goals with Exadata and Exalogic were to achieve high performance—faster than IBM's fastest—and provide the lowest and best cost/ performance," Ellison said. "How would we do that? Through parallel everywhere."

Instead of one big server, Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic include multiple separate servers in one box, with database and storage servers interconnected, and InfiniBand moving data from database servers to storage servers. For customers, it delivers a number of advantages, Ellison said, including that it is inherently fault-tolerant. "If a database server fails, you don't care. If a storage server fails, you don't care," he said. In addition to parallelism, Oracle's other focus is data compression. Ellison pointed out that Oracle Exadata's compression capabilities mean that customers can move data 100x faster and save significant money on disk storage.

"Of course, my favorite customer story is SoftBank. They replaced 35 racks of Teradata with three Exadata racks, and saw performance eight times faster using one tenth of the energy," Ellison said. Ellison also highlighted another engineered system introduced by Oracle last week—the SPARC SuperCluster T4-4, which expanded the parallel-everywhere focus to SPARC architecture and the Oracle Solaris operating system. He pointed out that the new SPARC T4 processor is faster for Java applications than IBM's Power7 microprocessor.

"We want to take IBM on in processor performance," Ellison said. "When we first bought Sun, a lot of people said we would get out of the hardware business. I guess we didn't get the memo." Finally, Ellison announced Oracle's newest engineered system: the Oracle Exalytics Business Intelligence Machine, which provides extreme in-memory analytics performance. Ellison said Oracle Exalytics handles relational and multidimensional data and analyzes unstructured data—in any combination—at the speed of thought. The new machine clocked an average response-time improvement of 18x, and a 23x improvement when used with Oracle Exadata.

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Posted by guest on October 03, 2011 at 06:12 PM PDT #

That is a fantastic innovation from Oracle.

Posted by Ademola Okerinde on October 04, 2011 at 07:11 PM PDT #


Posted by guest on October 07, 2011 at 08:11 PM PDT #

Hey infiniband connections between ExaData and ExaLogic... 950+GB/s compared to other systems in the market such as UCS, 10GB Ethernet... No comparison.

I could not believe when I saw the demo machine returning java calls at 50microseconds. These kits rock and no brainer for Java and Application hosting.

Posted by guest on October 16, 2011 at 06:45 PM PDT #

Great innovation

Posted by guest on November 11, 2011 at 06:59 PM PST #

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