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IOUG Sponsors Boot Camp at Collaborate 10


Feeling flabby and out of shape on topics such as virtualization, SQL development, and security? Want to beef up your skills on Oracle Database 11g Release 2, Oracle on Linux for IBM System z, and Oracle's maximum availability architecture on Linux for IBM System z? If so, it's time for boot camp.

The Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) is sponsoring its first-ever boot camp for Oracle technology and database professionals at Collaborate 10, April 19 to 21. And yes, as with many boot camps, the IOUG programs will be in a harsh, desert environment--at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The one- and two-day programs will cover Oracle technology and a variety of database topics, and they'll be taught by drill instructors, including industry experts as well as Oracle users and staff. You'll get in-depth training. But don't worry. You won't have to suffer through a bad haircut and 20-mile hikes. Are you ready? Was that a "yes, sir"? I can't hear you.


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