Dave Wakeling & The English Beat Ready to Rock Treasure Island

By Richard Levitt

Get Ready to Dance to 2 Tone Ska at the Oracle Appreciation Event

The English Beat emerged into the post-punk music scene of the 80s, headed up by Dave Wakeling on vocals and guitar.

Wakeling played with The English Beat through three hit albums and with General Public, which produced two best-selling albums. He scored the John Hughes film “She’s Having a Baby,” and recorded a solo album “No Warning.” Driven by his politics and social awareness, he produced an all-star album for Greenpeace called “Alternative NRG.” He briefly reformed General Public, which got raves from the critics and the public. In 2003 The English Beat started touring again. In 2006 his trademark Vox teardrop guitar was placed in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

In 2011, in advance of his performance Wednesday, October 5, at the Oracle Appreciation Event, Wakeling agreed to answer our trio of questions:

Q: What’s it like touring with The English Beat after so many changes and so much history?
Wakeling: “Thank heavens that there’s something timeless about music. And songs like I Confess used to be a struggle, but are now effortless. Some songs just take 30 years to learn properly!”

Q: Do you still enjoy playing live?
Wakeling: “I like the immediacy of playing live; it encourages you to be in the moment, because singing and connection are easy and natural there. You sing the song directly to the audience who is actually there, from your heart to theirs.”

Q: As an Oracle OpenWorld alumnus, what do you think about playing here again?
Wakeling: “Enchanted kingdom, everything perfect, sound and lights just so, elegance all around from swish to dotcom casual. So much food…an intoxicating mist of perfume, sweat, pheromones, memories, and dreams envelops our celebration of the eternal moment that is there in our everyday lives, but is easier to access at such a wonderful event as Oracle OpenWorld, so thanks again!”

Get ready to dance to Dave Wakeling and The English Beat at the Oracle Appreciation Event.


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