Customers, Partners, and Experts Gather at Oracle DEMOgrounds

Casual Meetings Encourage Meaningful Dialogue

demogrounds.jpgBy Richard Levitt.

With tens of thousands of customers, partners, exhibitors, and Oracle product specialists milling around the many venues of Oracle OpenWorld, it may be a little surprising to know the most common term used to described the Oracle DEMOgrounds is "personal."

Peter Wahl, Oracle database product manager, observed, "You think you know what customers want, then you get face-to-face and hear it first hand. My understanding of customer issues and desires becomes far more complete and specific."

Customers and partners are all taking advantage of the opportunity to meet with the product specialists staffing the Oracle DEMOgrounds.

"I represent the interests of our customers," said Dirk Vermeiren of Oracle Partner Tripwire Solutions. "Here I can address those issues directly and walk away with meaningful answers."

His sales rep Yves Van Looy nodded in agreement, "Instead of going through all the formality of arranging a sales meeting or booking a room, we can meet here and get right to it."

Mark Karlstrand, senior manager of Oracle Identity Management, agreed, saying, "It can make all the difference to a customer in the decision-making proces… the DEMOgrounds create a certain approachability.

"On the other hand," said Mark, "the most valuable conversations happen later, over beer…"


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