Berlin Featuring Terri Nunn All Set for It's a Wrap!

By Rich Schwerin

Three Questions for Terri Nunn of Berlin

It's a Wrap! brings Berlin to Yerba Buena Gardens Thursday, October 6, from 4 to 7 p.m. where iconic rock vocalist Terri Nunn and the rest of the California-native band bring this year's Oracle OpenWorld to a rousing, have-to-dance close. We caught up with Terri for three quick questions:

Q: You've inspired legions of modern female rockers, who first inspired you?
A: I was first inspired by male role models like Robert Plant and David Bowie. The first artists that changed my brain about what I wanted to do were men. On stage they were really loud, powerful, sexy and irreverent. The guys seemed to have a lot more fun than any of the girls I saw. But then Grace Slick, Anne Wilson, and Stevie Nicks changed my perception: Grace Slick was really like a guy on stage, and she showed me the role I wanted in a rock band. Anne Wilson also had an incredible vocal power and presence, because she was very influenced by Robert Plant. Stevie Nicks was femininity and mystery in the midst of the rock world, and I wanted that, too.

Q: Your first release, Pleasure Victim, spawned a trio of hit singles. How did the first hit single, The Metro, create a groundswell buzz for Berlin?
A: For any band, every record is an exploration. There's usually one song that will stand out, where you'll say, 'That's what this album is going to be about!' For us, that song was The Metro. When we wrote it, we knew that was our direction. The most amazing thing about The Metro is that even today it's one of the most important songs in our catalog. It stands up to the test of time and it's still played on radio stations everywhere I go. The Metro defined us and defined that period of music for many fans.

Q: You were at the very beginning of the electronic music movement in America. How are things different today?
A: The exciting thing for me now is that it can be anything I want it to be live. When we tour today we have computers running on stage and video content running simultaneously with the music. It's fantastic. The possibilities of electronic music are endless, and I don't mind expanding on my own legacy in that genre.

Don't miss Berlin featuring Terri Nunn and the Five Hundreds featuring Tom Geck at It's a Wrap!, Thursday, October 6, from 4 to 7 p.m., Yerba Buena Gardens.


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