Behind the Creative Scenes, Part 2

Come with questions. Leave with answers.


In yesterday's post we talked about the foundation of this year's messaging: Oracle OpenWorld turns IT into a competitive advantage.

Our next challenge was to turn that simple but important statement into a more compelling, value-added message. We started by exploring and defining what we know about Oracle OpenWorld and what we understand about attendees' needs and expectations.

How does Oracle OpenWorld turn IT into a competitive advantage?

We know people come wanting to learn. And we want them to leave satisfied. They come with questions, and we send them away with answers. DING!

That's how we developed the line: Come with questions. Leave with answers.

Kirk Donnan, Director, Marketing Content Strategy, observed, "This year's creative strategy truly places Oracle in the shoes of our customers. Real-world people are asking real-economy questions of IT, and Oracle OpenWorld—the event itself—is prepared to supply the answers."

Since your questions form the core of this year's creative executions, we had to find out exactly what answers you were looking for at Oracle OpenWorld. We turned to major stakeholders in different product and solution areas throughout Oracle, and asked them what questions their customers were asking every day. We paired those questions with relevant and engaging imagery to personalize our message to the many segments of our customer base.

Francisco Delgadillo, Senior Creative Director, explained, "The imagery is gestural, the text is personalized. Together, they highlight Oracle's attention to the individual attendee."

Now—in keeping with the theme—we have a few questions for you. Are this year's messages and graphics meaningful to you? What questions do you expect to have answered at Oracle OpenWorld? How can we make sure this year's conference helps you turn IT into a competitive advantage?

Let us know what you think.


I would not be able to be there but hope we have the materials. Oracle should highlight us on the real cost of virtualization because I can't still figure how I/O would not suffer after a virtualization layer is added to a system regards

Posted by Goddy on September 24, 2009 at 08:59 PM PDT #

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