A Brief Soul Session with Joss Stone

 By Karen Shamban

The Oracle OpenWorld Music Festival is thrilled to have Joss Stone as one of its featured artists.  Stone took a few moments from her busy tour and travel schedule to answer a few questions for this blog, so read on: 

Q. What do you like best about performing in front of a live audience?
A. I love to bring the music to the people! It's all fun and games in the studio, and I love it, but the time comes when the world needs to hear it and it's nice to see their faces when they are hearing new songs.

Q. Do you prefer smaller, intimate venues or larger, louder ones?  Why?
A. I like the smaller ones sometimes, but it really depends on who is in the audience. I prefer it regardless of size when the audience is with you from the start and they dance and let the music take them over - as it does me when I'm on stage.

Q. What about your fans surprises you?
A. Not a lot really, they have always been very very sweet and polite and giving and loving. It doesn't surprise me because that's what the effect of music is. For the most part they are beautiful people.

Little-known fact: Not only is Stone an award-winning musician, she acted in an award-winning television series, Showtime's The Tudors.  Stone played Anne of Cleves, Henry VIII's fourth wife.  Not only did she keep her cool - she kept her head.

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