Thursday Sep 26, 2013

Cool Sailing ... and What’s Hot Today at Oracle OpenWorld

Oracle Team USA Apparel, of course.

By Tom Caldecott

Head over to the Oracle Store in Moscone North today and you’ll think you’re at an hours-only sale in a department store. The line outside the store stretches around the retail establishment. Why? Ask anyone who is patiently waiting, waiting, waiting for 20 minutes or so to get in and the answer is almost universal: Oracle Team USA. The majority are there for the Oracle Team USA shirts and other branded apparel manufactured by Puma.

“As soon as Oracle won, it was like flies to paper. People started rushing to the store,” said one prospective shopper. And that observation was confirmed by an Oracle representative at the entrance. “We’ve been extremely busy ever since.”

What’s hot? The branded t-shirts and then the polo shirts. Some of the items are 20% off. And people are loading up. After all, “I’ve got family,” said one shopper with arms filled with t-shirts. “Do you know many kids I have? It’s ridiculous,” said another. And let’s not forget the seasonal response from a shopper, “I’ve got to get Halloween costumes.”

The Oracle Store in Moscone North will be open until 4:30 p.m. today (Thursday). Another Oracle store (without Oracle Team USA apparel) is in Moscone South, West Bridge, and will be open until 4:30 p.m. today as well.

You can load up on all kinds of non-sailing Oracle and Java gear as well, not to mention great titles from Oracle Press. Don't miss out.


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