Monday Sep 23, 2013

Oracle OpenWorld in the News

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Not Your Daddy's Oracle OpenWorld

From Oracle World to OpenWorld: What A Difference 11 Years Can Make

By Michael Kure 

I recently returned to Oracle after a long absence—and a good chunk of that time was spent outside of  the tech industry. The last OpenWorld I attended was in 2002. And back then, it wasn’t even called Oracle OpenWorld—it was simply OracleWorld. So, here I am having boomeranged back, and wondering if Oracle OpenWorld 2013 is basically the same conference I attended over a decade ago.

It most definitely is not.

The sheer size of this event is mindboggling—a physical wonderland of modern technology and attention-grabbing showmanship under multiple roofs. Impressive are the myriad exhibitors located across several buildings, with several booths standing out in terms of design and production. I honestly cannot recall booths in the past exhibiting such creativity. From a Japanese-accented exhibit with bonsai trees and little rock sculptures to a peewee golf course where attendees can test their skill to a condensed version of the classic Volkswagen minibus outfitted with flatscreen monitor and leather sofa that functions as a cozy meeting room, there is much to see and try.

The power, passion, and creativity behind Oracle OpenWorld 2013 can clearly be felt as I absorb all there is to see and do, and the tens of thousands of people taking part in it all. Memories of my last Oracle World fade by comparison.

Live Coverage from Oracle OpenWorld

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Mark Hurd Keynote: Why Big Data Management Will Drive the Future

Oracle President Mark Hurd focused on the dynamics of customer service and big data in his keynote Monday.

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Communications Service Providers: This Post is For You

Protect your networks and take advantage of new mobile data revenue opportunities.

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Larry Ellison Keynote: Everything Runs Fast

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison opened this year’s Oracle OpenWorld 2013 conference with a series of blockbuster announcements.[Read More]

Transform Data Center Performance with the Oracle SPARC Runner Video Game

I’m Ora and I need your help—disaster has struck the Acme Co. data center! Aging, inefficient servers have left  the data center unable to respond to changing business needs. Tasked with increasing application performance, accelerating deployment speed, and consolidating multiple systems, Acme’s IT Manager called the best in the business—me, Ora, the SPARC Runner—to help him out.

But I can’t do this all by myself. I need help navigating through five exciting, but treacherous data center levels. Help me jump, dash, and slide through complex and inefficient IT environments so I can:

  •          Accelerate performance with the world’s fastest microprocessor
  •          Increase speed with servers and operating systems that are co-engineered to do more together
  •          Consolidate multiple legacy “IBS” servers onto a single SPARC architecture

See how many inferior "IBS" servers you can consolidate, and challenge your friends to beat your score in this awesome new data center adventure video game, debuting at Oracle OpenWorld.

Think you have what it takes? Play the new Oracle SPARC Runner and test your grit!


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