Thursday Oct 17, 2013

Oracle’s New Approach to Cloud-based Applications User Experiences

By Misha Vaughan

It was an exciting Oracle OpenWorld this year for customers and partners, as they got to see what their input into the Oracle user experience research and development process has produced for cloud-delivered applications. The result of all this engagement and listening is a focus on simplicity, mobility, and extensibility. These were the core themes across Oracle OpenWorld sessions, executive roundtables, and analyst briefings given by Jeremy Ashley, Oracle's vice president of user experience. The highlight of every meeting with a customer featured the new simplified UI for Oracle’s cloud applications.   

Attendees at some sessions and events also saw a vision of what is coming next in the Oracle user experience, and they gave direct feedback on whether this would help solve their business problems. 

What did attendees think of what they saw this year?

Rebecca Wettemann of Nucleus Research was part of  an analyst briefing on next-generation user experiences from Oracle. Here’s what she told CRM Buyer in an interview just after the event: 

“Many of the improvements are incremental, which is not surprising, as Oracle regularly updates its application,” Rebecca Wettemann, vice president of Nucleus Research, told CRM Buyer. "Still, there are distinct themes to this latest set of changes. One is usability. Oracle Sales Cloud, for example, is designed to have zero training for onboarding sales reps, which it does," she explained. "It is quite impressive, actually—the intuitive nature of the application and the design work they have done with this goal in mind. The software uses as few buttons and fields as possible," she pointed out. "The sales rep doesn't have to ask, 'what is the next step?' because she can see what it is." 

What else did we hear?

Oracle OpenWorld is a time when we can take a broader pulse of our customers’ and partners’ concerns. This year we heard some common user experience themes on the following:

· A desire to continue to simplify widely used self-service tasks
· A need to understand how customers or partners could take some of the UX lessons learned on simplicity and mobility into their own custom areas and projects 
· The continuing challenge of needing to support bring-your-own-device and corporate-provided mobile devices to end users
· A desire to harmonize user experiences across platforms for specific business-use cases 

What does this mean for next year?

Well, there were a lot of things we could only show to smaller groups of customers in our Oracle OpenWorld usability labs and HQ lab tours, to partners at our Expo, and to analysts under non-disclosure agreements. But we used these events as a way to get some early feedback about where we are focusing for the year ahead. Attendees gave us a positive response:

@bkhan Saw some excellent UX innovations at the expo “@usableapps: Great job @mishavaughan and @vinoskey on #oow13 UX partner expo!”

@WarnerTim @usableapps @mishavaughan @vinoskey @ultan Thanks for an interesting afternoon definitely liked the UX tool kits for partners.

You can expect Oracle to continue pushing themes of simplicity, mobility, and extensibility even more aggressively in the next year. 

If you are interested to find out what really goes on in the UX labs, such as what we are doing with smartphones, tablets, heads-up displays, and the AppsLab robots, feel free to reach out to me for more information: Misha Vaughan or on Twitter: @mishavaughan.

Thursday Oct 10, 2013

Customers are the Stars on OpenWorld Live

Dozens of customers were interviewed at Oracle OpenWorld 2013 and were featured on the OpenWorld Live show. Now those interviews are available on demand.

Among the customers interviewed were Cisco, Garmin, Lego, Petco, and many more. Topics ranged from big data to HCM to customer experience to Java robots...with numerous other subjects discussed as well.

Hear more about what Oracle customers had to say at the conference: OpenWorld Live 2013.

Monday Oct 07, 2013

Download 'em Now: Oracle OpenWorld Presentations

Now available for download: most of the sessions from Oracle OpenWorld.

If you missed sessions, want to review what you learned, or spread the knowledge to others, now you can download most of the sessions presented at Oracle OpenWorld. 

There are two ways to access the sessions for download (or online review):

  1. Directly through Content Catalog
  2. Indirectly through Schedule Builder to Content Catalog (registered attendees only)


- Sessions will be available for download for approximately six months (March 2014)
- Some presenters chose not to make their sessions available 

Miss any keynotes? You can access them here.
Miss the great discussions with customers and others on OpenWorld Live? Check them out here

Thursday Oct 03, 2013

Wrap-Up: Construction and Engineering Summit @ OpenWorld

By Garrett Harley 

It's hard to dispute that this year's Oracle OpenWorld was anything short of spectacular. Oracle Team USA staged an unprecedented comeback to defend the America's Cup, and the first Construction and Engineering Summit at Leaders Circle @ OpenWorld was attended by more than 80 C-level attendees from many of the industry's leading global owners, contractors, and engineering, procurement, and construction firms.

Mike Sicilia, Oracle Primavera's GM and SVP, kicked things off with a compelling review of how Oracle technologies continue to strengthen and service engineering and construction (E&C) work across the globe. Mike was followed by Graham Robinson from Global Construction Perspectives, who shared his findings from their recently released Global Construction Perspectives Forecast through 2025.

Leaders Circle sponsor Wipro discussed a well-received E&C integrated solution platform built with Oracle technology that helps companies continue to transform their operations and streamline execution. Oracle customers Chiyoda, COSEA/VINCI, Lend Lease, and the Los Angeles Department of Power and Water then shared their stories of how they've leveraged Oracle technology, the challenges they faced, the solutions they implemented, and the benefits they've received from their partnership with Oracle. 

What struck me about this year's event can be summarized in one word: specialization. Atul Gawande (a general surgeon and author of numerous magazine articles and several books, including The CheckList Manifesto) positions the following hypothesis: As information increases, the need to specialize is required.

What does this have to do with E&C? Think of it this way. The age of the Master Builder is no more. There is simply too much information for any one individual to intimately know. Projects, like today's aircraft, are too much plane for one person to fly.

As customers shared their stories of how they approached resolving their business issues, it was their focus on integration of these specialties and how Oracle has continued to invest in supporting these areas that made me realize not only how far technology in our industry has come, but how much more we still have left to do. And how critical adjustments can lead to extreme performance.

That's something Oracle Team USA did in the face of what appeared to be insurmountable odds. And given the forecast for E&C work through 2025, a focus on extreme performance will be required for the monuments to come. 

Monday Sep 30, 2013

Edward Screven Keynote: The Internet of Things—And a Surprise Appearance by Members of ORACLE TEAM USA

Edward Screven, Oracle chief corporate architect, painted an expansive picture of the world driven by smart, ubiquitous, connected devices: M2M—machine to machine—or the Internet of Things.

 He said an M2M system requires the abilities to:

  • Acquire and transmit—based on a standards-based, scalable, secure platform
  • Integrate and secure—to reduce cost and complexity and protect data integrity
  • Analyze and act—to extract business value

“Everything Oracle offers,” said Screven, “has been engineered to work together, so customers can focus on innovation. Oracle is the Internet of Things platform.”

Joining Screven on stage were Henrik Stahl, Oracle vice president of Java Product Management, who illustrated how businesses can harness value from device-generated data, and Dr. Thomas Kiessling, chief product and innovation officer, Deutsche Telekom AG, who described the company’s M2M strategy and research that shows “consumers will pay more for meaningful connectivity.”

Chris Baker, Oracle senior vice president, Global ISV/OEM/Java Sales, came to the stage and said, “Much of the value is in software,” like Java Embedded and the Oracle identity management suite, “which provide a complete and secure platform for building embedded solutions.”

Screven said that the Internet of Things will inevitably drive changes to business and customer relationships. “It’s now the most important technology trend.”

“Failing to plan for this change,” he said, “risks adding even more complexity and cost to technology investments.”

“And now,” he announced, “let me introduce you to the winners of the 34th America’s Cup …”

Music blared. The crowd jumped to their feet. And Ian Burns, Shannon Falcone, Rome Kirby, and Simeon Tienpont of ORACLE TEAM USA entered the hall with the America’s Cup trophy. They took the stage and chatted about their incredible victory with Tom Ehman, vice commodore of the Golden Gate Yacht Club.

Learn more:

Oracle’s Internet of Things Platform

Video: M2M World Congress 2013: Building a Platform for a Totally Connected World (22:45)

White paper: Oracle's Internet of Things Platform: The M2M Platform for a Connected World

Beecham Research Report: M2M Solutions: The Move to Value Creation and the Internet of Things

Video: IDevNews Rise of the Mobile Machines: Oracle's Solution for Internet of Things and M2M (8:36) 

Article: Optimising M2M: From Device to the Data Centre

Article: The Internet of Things: Will M2M Transform Your Company or Kill It?

Friday Sep 27, 2013

It’s Never Too Early to Plan for Next Year’s Oracle OpenWorld

And it's always good to think ahead.

By Michael Kure

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 may be at a close, but it's not too early to start thinking about next year’s event, to be held September 28 to October 2, 2014. 

And why not? For this year's attendees or for others thinking about attending next year, this is the earliest opportunity to sign up to be notified when registration opens for Oracle OpenWorld 2014.

What are the benefits to notification? Knowing that when registration opens up it will be at the absolute lowest cost that will be offered. Not to mention that the earlier you register, the better selection you'll have of hard-to-get hotel rooms.

Exhibitors, too, can start thinking about achieving their sales and marketing objectives at next year’s Oracle OpenWorld. Learn more about 2014 exhibitor opportunities.

Finally, companies interested in 2014 sponsorship opportunities to maximize their branding efforts can get more information about 2014 sponsorships.

Time flies, and Oracle OpenWorld 2014 will be here before you know it. See you next year!

Thursday Sep 26, 2013

Cool Sailing ... and What’s Hot Today at Oracle OpenWorld

Oracle Team USA Apparel, of course.

By Tom Caldecott

Head over to the Oracle Store in Moscone North today and you’ll think you’re at an hours-only sale in a department store. The line outside the store stretches around the retail establishment. Why? Ask anyone who is patiently waiting, waiting, waiting for 20 minutes or so to get in and the answer is almost universal: Oracle Team USA. The majority are there for the Oracle Team USA shirts and other branded apparel manufactured by Puma.

“As soon as Oracle won, it was like flies to paper. People started rushing to the store,” said one prospective shopper. And that observation was confirmed by an Oracle representative at the entrance. “We’ve been extremely busy ever since.”

What’s hot? The branded t-shirts and then the polo shirts. Some of the items are 20% off. And people are loading up. After all, “I’ve got family,” said one shopper with arms filled with t-shirts. “Do you know many kids I have? It’s ridiculous,” said another. And let’s not forget the seasonal response from a shopper, “I’ve got to get Halloween costumes.”

The Oracle Store in Moscone North will be open until 4:30 p.m. today (Thursday). Another Oracle store (without Oracle Team USA apparel) is in Moscone South, West Bridge, and will be open until 4:30 p.m. today as well.

You can load up on all kinds of non-sailing Oracle and Java gear as well, not to mention great titles from Oracle Press. Don't miss out.

Wednesday Sep 25, 2013

Congratulations to ORACLE TEAM USA!

ORACLE TEAM USA won its eighth consecutive race to claim the 34th America’s Cup against Emirates Team New Zealand.[Read More]

Look, Touch, Deconstruct.

Getting Hands-On with Hardware (and Software) at the Oracle DEMOgrounds

By Michael Kure

Among the demo pods at the DEMOgrounds at Moscone South are Oracle experts ready to talk to you about engineered systems, servers, storage, optimized solutions, software-defined networking, and more. This is the place to go for you to look, learn, touch, and deconstruct—and, of course, your opportunity to ask the tough question.

New and attracting crowds is the just-announced Oracle SuperCluster M6 with 32 terabytes of memory. A cluster of people (pun intended) gather around the ‘Big Memory Machine' and Exadata Storage Expansion units—looking and taking pictures.

Hardware afficionados interested in database solutions with a big memory footprint and performance acceleration through Exadata technology come by to check out capabilities and ask questions.

Another draw is “engineered systems deconstructed,”—with its four-pedestal configuration which pulls apart Exadata, Exalogic, and Oracle SuperCluster—where people can see, touch, and examine the various components.

Data sheets are great, but nothing beats being able to see and touch the products in person—and getting the opportunity to question the people who made them.

Belly Up to the Oracle Support Stars Bar

Technical Answers on Tap

By Tom Caldecott

The Oracle Support Stars Bar is designed to help Oracle OpenWorld attendees get answers to their toughest questions about Oracle software and hardware products. And the people who work the bar have the engineering expertise to answer most questions. And if they can't answer, they know who can.

This week, the bar has been busy, with the bartenders fielding technical questions. But, as is the case every year, a few of the Oracle OpenWorld 2013 questions have gone beyond what one can learn in engineering school.

Here’s a sampling of those questions presented at the bar:
“Where are the Oracle bags?”
 “Is this the way to the keynotes?” 
“How do I get to the pier?”
“Where are the restrooms?”
“What’s the WiFi password?” (there are signs everywhere that have that information)
“Do you have a pen?” (from an attendee who had just left the pen-filled Exhibition Hall)
“Can I get a drink?”

The Supports Stars baristas are good sports, and answer these misguided inquiries too.

But seriously, if you have tough technical questions that only the experts can answer, visit the Oracle Support Stars Bar at Moscone West, Lobby Level 2. They're open on Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for technical questions…and directions.

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