Monday Sep 30, 2013

Edward Screven Keynote: The Internet of Things—And a Surprise Appearance by Members of ORACLE TEAM USA

Edward Screven, Oracle chief corporate architect, painted an expansive picture of the world driven by smart, ubiquitous, connected devices: M2M—machine to machine—or the Internet of Things.

 He said an M2M system requires the abilities to:

  • Acquire and transmit—based on a standards-based, scalable, secure platform
  • Integrate and secure—to reduce cost and complexity and protect data integrity
  • Analyze and act—to extract business value

“Everything Oracle offers,” said Screven, “has been engineered to work together, so customers can focus on innovation. Oracle is the Internet of Things platform.”

Joining Screven on stage were Henrik Stahl, Oracle vice president of Java Product Management, who illustrated how businesses can harness value from device-generated data, and Dr. Thomas Kiessling, chief product and innovation officer, Deutsche Telekom AG, who described the company’s M2M strategy and research that shows “consumers will pay more for meaningful connectivity.”

Chris Baker, Oracle senior vice president, Global ISV/OEM/Java Sales, came to the stage and said, “Much of the value is in software,” like Java Embedded and the Oracle identity management suite, “which provide a complete and secure platform for building embedded solutions.”

Screven said that the Internet of Things will inevitably drive changes to business and customer relationships. “It’s now the most important technology trend.”

“Failing to plan for this change,” he said, “risks adding even more complexity and cost to technology investments.”

“And now,” he announced, “let me introduce you to the winners of the 34th America’s Cup …”

Music blared. The crowd jumped to their feet. And Ian Burns, Shannon Falcone, Rome Kirby, and Simeon Tienpont of ORACLE TEAM USA entered the hall with the America’s Cup trophy. They took the stage and chatted about their incredible victory with Tom Ehman, vice commodore of the Golden Gate Yacht Club.

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