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What Is Zero Worth?

With Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, zero is the most important metric.

By Tom Haunert

January/February 2015

How important is data recovery to you? What is always-successful data recovery worth to your business? What is the value of zero data loss recovery?

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Backup in the Day

Many, many years ago I worked for a small personal computer hardware company. Everyone in my department worked on individual—not networked—PCs. Every PC was equipped with a tape drive, however, and employees were responsible for their own backup and recovery operations.

Just after 5 p.m. on October 17, 1989, I was backing up my PC to tape when a major earthquake hit Northern California. Everything shook, dramatically, and my backup stopped working when the power failed in my building. I was back at the office the next day, wondering what data I was coming back to.

Fortunately, I didn’t lose much—just a couple of files—and I recovered older versions of these files from my other tape. Yes, I had one—and only one—other tape backup.

In Recovery

Earthquakes have not factored into any more of my backup and recovery experiences, and the recoveries I’ve needed since 1989 have been driven by user error—usually my own. The most interesting and complex of those recoveries have involved files on work group servers with comprehensive backup plans that included full backups, incremental backups, frequently scheduled backup windows, multiple disks, multiple tapes, and more.

Recovering the right or most recent version of a file from a big work group server isn’t always easy, however. In every recovery I can remember, I’ve recovered an older file—not the latest file or the file version I was looking for.

Recovering an older version of some missing data is better than nothing, of course, but accurate point-in-time recovery of the lost data is better still. And being able to recover any version of your data easily—regardless of data volume and backup schedules—is even better than that.

Data Loss Preference: Zero

During his opening keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2014, Oracle Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Larry Ellison announced the general availability of Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance. The latest engineered system from Oracle, this appliance delivers unsurpassed data protection, efficiency, and scalability. The ninth solution in the current Oracle engineered systems roster provides cloud-scale database backup and recovery, supporting up to 5.4 PB of usable capacity (across multiple server racks), while using database technology (including Oracle Recovery Manager and Oracle Data Guard) to make database backup and recovery more granular—and successful.

For information on the exact amount of data loss you want in your recovery operations—zero—check out the links in “Next Steps” for details on Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance.

Next Steps

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Photography by Dmitry Ratushny,Unsplash