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What Are You Looking at Now?

And how will it compare to what you were looking at before?

By Tom Haunert

September/October 2016

One year ago, I wrote about Oracle Magazine’s move to all-digital publishing with the September/October 2015 issue. The title and subtitle of that editorial posed the questions “What are you looking at?” and more important “What will you do next?” because I didn’t know whether readers were accessing their new-look Oracle Magazine on iPads, laptops, or desktop computers. Those were the only devices that worked with the digital platform at that time, and readers quickly let us know that they wanted more ways to consume Oracle Magazine. We listened, we worked on it, and this issue marks the launch of our new digital platform.


Tom Haunert, Editor if Chief, Oracle Magazine

With this September/October 2016 issue, the new Oracle Magazine digital publishing platform adds support for iPhone and Android devices (phones and tablets). The new platform also improves the magazine reader’s web browser experience. But this milestone isn’t a frozen moment. Our new publishing platform is dynamic, as is Oracle Magazine.

Our new cloud publishing platform has been updated about every three weeks since late 2015. Updates have improved the web browser experience, search functionality, and the presentation of content on mobile device screens. You may notice changes every three weeks or so in how the magazine works on your devices. I’m asking all subscribers to let me know what functional changes you like and what changes you don’t. And if you see something that still needs changing, let me know that, too.

With the new platform rollout complete and the platform’s commitment to frequent updates, it’s time to tune Oracle Magazine content formats for iPhone and Android devices. What’s the best way to customize the content experience for the small screens of mobile users while maintaining the larger tablet and desktop/laptop experience? The magazine team has new content ideas and plans in the works, but if you have suggestions, let me know.


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Tom Haunert, Editor in Chief


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