Time Capsule

Time Capsule

November/December 2012

Moscone Center

Encompassing nearly 1 million square feet today, Moscone Center—San Francisco’s largest convention center—opened in 1981 and played host to the 1984 Democratic Convention.

Moscone Center
International Oracle Users Week (IOUW)

Imagine this: When Oracle was still called Relational Software Inc. (RSI), about 50 attendees from a dozen or so companies gathered in a small, windowless room at the San Francisco Grand Hyatt for the first International Oracle Users Week (actually just three days, August 23–25).

After the inaugural event in San Francisco, the International Oracle Users Week (IOUW) went on tour; our ears are still ringing.

Two Exhibitors

Oracle hosted IOUW at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco with nearly 500 attendees and two exhibitors. During the conference, a general user meeting was held, and the International Oracle Users Group (IOUG) was formed.

Going to California

During IOUW in Philadelphia, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison announced via satellite that beginning in 1996 Oracle would take control of the conference, call it Oracle OpenWorld, and host it in California.

Elton John Your Turn From Elton John and Billy Joel to Journey and Aerosmith, the Oracle Appreciation Event has hosted a number of major musical artists over the years. Who is your favorite? Anyone you would like to see in the future? Visit Facebook/OracleMagazine and let us know.
Open Your Golden Gate

Oracle OpenWorld ‘96 featured 420 sessions and 17,200 visitors at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

International Perspective

In addition to San Francisco, many other world-class cities have hosted their own Oracle OpenWorld conferences. Beijing, Copenhagen, Paris, São Paulo, Tokyo, and more have welcomed Oracle OpenWorld and added their international flavor to it.

Taxi! Take me to OracleWorld?

No, you’re not hallucinating and that’s not a typo. For two years (’02 and ‘03), the annual conference was simply called OracleWorld. Have you heard people talking about OracleWorld since 2003?

Oramag cover
Revisionist History

We asked our Facebook fans where and when the first Oracle OpenWorld was held:

San Francisco, 1986 54%
San Francisco, 1998 30%
Los Angeles, 1997 8%
Boston, 1983 8%



Photography byClem Onojeghuo,Unsplash