Time Capsule

Time Capsule

Flashbacks: Culture. Industry. Oracle. Oracle Magazine.

By Rich Schwerin

September/October 2012


Halt, Who Goes There?

“Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!”

Quote from Blazing Saddles
(Warner Bros. Pictures, 1974).
Identity management, anyone?


Secure from the Start

“Security has been part of Oracle’s corporate DNA since we’ve been a company,” says Oracle Chief Security Officer Mary Ann Davidson. And with good reason: Oracle’s first customer? The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Watch the video at


Database with Full Auditing

Oracle7 is the first database to include full auditing per the U.S. Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC) Orange Book C2 definition.


Know Who, Know How

Identity management is typically seen through the eyes of the beholder. Some people think of smart cards or biometrics; others, single sign-on or a directory. But it’s actually all the processes and technologies that manage the complete security and identity lifecycle for people and network entities in an organization. —Oracle Magazine, September/October 2004


Security Inside

Oracle Database Vault addresses many of the key business concerns that organizations face today: regulatory compliance, separation of duty, strong internal controls, and concerns around database consolidation security as well as reporting. —Oracle Magazine, September/October 2006


Data Breach? That’ll Cost You

Hackers and spyware and spam, oh my! According to a recent IDC survey, almost half of companies reported a financial loss of more than US$100,000 per data breach event, while 8.5 percent of companies reported a financial loss of more than US$1 million.

Source: “Effective Data Leak Prevention Programs: Start by Protecting Data at the Source: Your Database,” International Data Corporation white paper, August 2011



File under Sleep, Losing: Two-thirds of sensitive and regulated data resides in databases, and unless the databases are protected using a multilayered security architecture, that data is at risk. File under Risk, Mitigating: Oracle Database Firewall, Oracle Advanced Security, and Oracle Database Vault. —Oracle Magazine, July/August 2012


Feeling Insecure?

We asked our Facebook fans which of the following IT security threats they view as most significant:

56% Trojans, viruses, malware, spyware
16% Employees exposing information
16% Data stolen by trusted party
12% Hackers/corporate espionage

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