New Normal

The Cloud and the DBA

Oracle Magazine talks with database experts about moving to the cloud.

By Jeff Erickson

November/December 2016

The role of Oracle DBA is a beloved job. It’s a highly skilled position, and one that includes the tremendous responsibility of managing a company’s crown jewels: its data. An Oracle DBA is an expert in the day-to-day operations of databases, including spinning up new instances for developers and testers, keeping production databases available and well tuned, delivering data to multiple applications on multiple devices, and, of course, keeping the data secure. As more IT workloads move to the cloud, where many of those database administration functions can be done by the vendor, will all those great DBA jobs vanish? No way. Some DBA and database responsibilities will transfer directly to new cloud services, but DBAs will also be asked to broaden the scope of what they do.

At Oracle OpenWorld 2016, Oracle Magazine caught up with three Oracle ACE Directors—two DBAs and an Oracle Application Express developer—to understand how the cloud transition is affecting them.

Michelle Malcher

Oracle ACE DirectorOracle ACE Director

“I feel more needed [in the cloud]. . . . There is more to worry about for the company in how they’re showing full compliance, pulling together all the different sources of data. Making sure they understand compliance in the cloud. Where are the encryption keys—are you doing the right encryptions? That is the stuff you’re going to worry about in addition to making sure that you’re backing up databases.”

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Scott Spendolini

Oracle ACE Director Oracle ACE Director

“Every line of SQL I’ve learned in the last 20 years still works fine in the cloud. Oracle Application Express works the same exact way [in the cloud]. In fact, I’m not even sure sometimes if I’m on an on-prem database instance or a cloud instance or a VM local to my machine. . . . There’s really nothing new to learn for an Oracle Application Express developer in the cloud.”

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Dan Morgan

Oracle ACE Director Oracle ACE Director

“What excites me about Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Service is that Oracle has recognized that our licenses are important, that our expertise is important, that our skillsets are important. And that a lot of applications that we are going to want to move to the cloud have been developed in-house.”

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Photography by Clem Onojeghuo, Unsplash